Herra Hair Perfume

Herra’s Hair Perfume has been created by hair experts to not only smell beautiful, but to protect and condition the hair at the same time.

I am very cautious with applying fragrance. I avoid applying it to my chest at all costs – it can be very drying – and on a sunny day the combination of UV rays and the fragrance’s alcohol content can cause pigmentation.

I tend to apply scent to my wrists, and to the back of my neck. On an evening out – also a little over my hair -as I have long been told that scent will last there for the longest amount of time.  Bad scents will also last there for the longest amount of time – cigarette smoke and food odour particularly!!

I was very intrigued to try Herra’s Hair Perfume. Everyone wants gorgeous smelling hair, and with dry shampoo being such a prevalent hair aid, people seem to be washing their hair a little less frequently!

It contains active ingredients to condition the hair without weighing it down, and the UV protection is always something of great importance to me – and should be to anyone who doesn’t want their colour to fade.

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Ingredients –

Glycerin – Allows for maximum moisture in the hair without weighing it down
Olive Extract – Protects the hair from pollution and free radicals, keeping it conditioned and healthy
Sunflower Extract – Helps protect the hair against UV damage and colour fade

The Scent –

Top – Italian Bergamot & Loquat Fruit
Middle – Orchid, Rose Petals, White Jasmine, Mimosa, Heliotrope & Lily
Base – Creamy Vanilla, Warm Tonka Bean, Sandalwood & Musk

“Herra is a beauty essential for every woman.  There’s nothing quite like walking past a woman who is wearing Herra Hair Perfume – it just leaves the most divine smelling trail,”  says hairdresser James Davis, Creative Director for Herra.

I would suggest that less is more with this fragrance – 3-4 sprays to freshen the hair – particularly if you have a favourite fragrance that you will also be wearing.

I have an extra bottle to give away, so if you would like to try Herra’s Hair Perfume, let me know in the comments section below.

In other hair news – Cristian at Nevilles Salon, told me yesterday mid blow dry – that thin hair is in this season! So that’s the word on the street – no more big hair – for now anyway!

Price –

Currently £24.99 – usually £29.99 – for 50ml

To buy –

The Gorgeous Shop offers free UK delivery




Herra Hair Perfume


21 Comments on Herra Hair Perfume – (and one to give away)

  1. Would love to try this ! Love when my hair smells nice. I’ve bought expensive , not that fantastic,
    Conditioners just because my hair smells amazing after them!

  2. Hi Susie,
    I would love to try the hair perfume as I have recently quit smoking (41 days and counting) and would love for this to be one of my wee treats to help me keep going.
    Love the blog as always x

  3. I’d absolutely love to give this a try. I’ve found my Pureology shampoo never really leaves my hair smelling of anything and I always adore the smells of certain shampoos but know they’ll wreck my color!

  4. This sounds great, will definately have to give it a try sometime, especially as I do occasionally use dry shampoo. Hope u had a fab time in LA x

  5. Love the idea of my hair smelling of roses (so to speak!) Without the need to wash it everyday !! Shame I don’t have it right now, after a rare night away from our toddler, My locks have a distinct eau de bhuna chicken about them !!

  6. Hi Susie, I’ve been wanting to try this product for ages but can never warrant the price tag! Big fan of your blog by the way.
    Laura x

  7. Would be useful to have post work out! Refreshes the hair on the go when you don’t have time to wash your hair after working out. Xx

  8. Anything hair related is my Mecca! Although being the owner of the thickest head of hair in history, thin hair being in must make me extremely unfashionable! 😉

    Would love to try this hair perfume! 🙂

    Love the blog as always xx

  9. Hey Susie, would love to try this! Have just torn my knee ligament so confined to the bed/sofa! No gym for me! 🙁 My highlight of the day is bath time so would love to have amazing smelling hair even if no-one else can smell it!!! #sobstorytasticbuttrue

  10. I only heard of the ‘spray perfume in your hair and the fragrance will last longer’ trick very recently and have been doing it religiously! I’d love to give this a go. Lisa

  11. this sounds lovely, would love to give it a go. i’m always spritzing my hair with perfume but worry that it can be damaging on my dry ends.

  12. I would love to try it 🙂 I love spraying perfume in my hair but worry the alcohol in it dries it out xxx

  13. Hi Susie,

    I buy the majority of products you blog about so would be great to win one! Especially hair perfume as I work in a salon so would be great to use and recommend to clients x

  14. Hey Susie,

    Would love to try the product. Wear perfume everyday and spray a bit on my hair when going out at night, however I am cautious about doing this as heard it dried out your hair. Currently trying to keep my hair in really good condition so an addition like this would be fab! Thanks 🙂

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