Santa Monica StepsSusie Amy and Ricky Parcell Santa Monica Steps

The 189 step workout in Santa Monica is an extremely hard one. These are compact steps that look far kinder than they actually are.

The last time that I set foot on these steps would have been in 2008 – and as it was Ricky’s first time there I suggested that we tried to do them ten times. My memory had clearly failed me because after two sets of steps, I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly do them ten times!

Ricky – who is a fantastic trainer – was wanting me to do the majority of each climb as a run, and only move to a walk when running became physically impossible.

At the top – after each assent – we did 20 repetitions of either squats, lunges,  calf raises, or press-ups.

I had to stop after doing them 9 times!! I was finding coming back down almost as hard as going up – because I had lost all feeling and control over my quads.

I felt elated afterwards – I got a real high from this workout .  I went straight to Malibu and had lunch at my favourite  Greek restaurant Tony’s Taverna with my friend Sadie. The food is incredible – I highly recommend it.

I bitterly regretted not stretching my calves better after the workout the following day. My quads I had paid some attention to, and they felt absolutely fine, but my calves were so tight that I could barely walk! The Steps took a few days to recover from!

What may hold you back? –

Weak legs and weak willpower. If Ricky hadn’t been there shouting at me, I most definitely wouldn’t have done 9 sets!

Location – 

4th St & Adelaide Dr, Santa Monica, CA 90402

Santa Monica Steps Location

Price –

Free, and there is plenty of street parking

My training partner –

Ricky Parcell –

Santa Monica Steps

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