Dermalogica’s salon on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, is one of my very favourite places in this world to go and have a skin treatment. I have been going to it for years – every time that I am in LA I go, without fail. The treatment rooms are ‘pods’ – you can ask for specific music – you get into the comfiest bed and under a duvet.

The therapists are all extremely good and extremely knowledgable. You can relax, or you can ask constant questions – as I do! It is also one of my favourite streets in LA. Montana Avenue is packed with beautiful shops, and is just blocks away from the sea.

This is typically what you can expect from a 60 minute Dermalogica facial –

Double cleanse

Skin analysis




Massage/Touch Therapy



Courtney was my therapist when I went to the salon this week, she and her husband have a new blog Adventures in the Land of Rad, so she distracted me with tales from that whilst she was doing extractions, which I hate!

She incorporated into my treatment – as well as the above – high frequency which kills troublesome bacteria, and Galvanic – which pushes products deeply into the skin. I really enjoy Dermalogica facials because they are 50% relaxing, and 50% fully focused on getting skin in optimum condition.

There are some very exciting new products being launched – they will be launched in the UK in the New Year.

Cover Tint SPF 20 – A new foundation from Dermalogica. I have always been extremely fond of their treatment foundation, but this new and improved option provides sunscreen, and a velvety finish that flatters fine lines. I am shade ‘light’. I was hovering between light and medium but settled on light!

Multivitamin Power Serum – Courtney says that she uses this product before her moisturiser in both the morning and the evening, and it has made her skin so good she no longer feels the need for skin make up.

Skinperfect Primer SPF30 – This primer has a neutral tint – melts onto the skin and creates a perfectly smooth and protective base for make up. This product is part of their Age Smart range, and disguises lines and enlarged pores.

I for one, am very excited to try all three of these products – for now I have the sample sachets.

Always feel free at the end of a facial to ask for samples of products that you would like to try before you buy – Dermalogica are particularly good at letting their customers try things.


Dermalogica on Montana –

1022 Montana Avenue  Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 260-8682

A 60 minute facial is $95.00 and is recommended monthly

For Dermalogica with free worldwide delivery –


My office today has been a very pretty lounge in Koreatown, Los Angeles.





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