I said on my blog that I loved buying products in the USA that I can’t buy back in the UK, but when I find a range of products that I really love – it is nothing but annoying not to be able to buy them on a regular basis.

My friend Vicky and I were shopping in Sephora in Dallas, when we came across a range of hair products called ‘Carol’s Daughter’. The packaging and name drew my attention initially and the description of the products sounded extremely promising, but I didn’t really expect for my hair to be as silky smooth and healthy as it is today!

The lady behind Carol’s Daughter is Lisa Price, and the products were originally created in her kitchen in Brooklyn NYC. The range isn’t only haircare – although as yet that is all that I have tried – she also has body oils, scrubs, fragrance, and body butters.


These are the products that I have been trying –

Rosemary Mint Clarifying Shampoo $13.00

This shampoo is ideal for clearing build up – without stripping natural oils – it is actually ideal for hair that needs a little more moisture. A blend of rosemary extract and peppermint oils. No parabens, sulphates, artificial colour, or mineral oil. My hair felt beautifully clean and soft – not stripped and squeaky.

Rosemary Mint Clarifying Conditioner $16.00

This conditioner smells mostly of mint, and perhaps a touch of rosemary! My hair felt incredibly silky – the best that it has felt in a long time – as I was rinsing it out.

Hair Milk Leave in Moisturizer $20.00

This has to be applied to soaking wet hair – as instructed on the bottle – hair that is about to be wrung out and towel dried. Vicky tried it on towel dried hair and she found that it left a residue – she actually had to rewash her hair. I used it this morning. The combination of the shampoo, conditioner, and this, has left my hair feeling, healthy, light and moisturised from root to end. The ends of my hair can sometimes be crunchy(!) and today the ends felt as good as they do after a haircut.

Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner $14.00

Refresh hair by spraying this onto dry hair, or use on towel dried hair. Smells delicious, and moisturises with natural moisturisers as opposed to silicones. This concoction is a blend of wheat proteins and Pro-vitamin B5.


I really can’t wait to try more of these fabulous products. I hope that at some stage we will be seeing them in the UK and in Europe.

To buy –



My office today was the East Bay Inn in Savannah Georgia. Aside from having a lovely time in Savannah, this is what Vicky and I have been doing tonight…





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  1. Susie – I’m heading to the US soon. What would be your top 5 other products that you can get in their Drugstores? Thanks Liz

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