This rather suspicious looking metal roller has been living in my handbag since the middle of the summer.

I was having a foot reflexology session with Paolo at Neville’s Salon – and I was feeling particularly run down. He handed me his Korean Hand Therapy hand roller to use whilst he did my treatment – instructing me to roll it between my palms and right up to the tops of the finger tips. The fingertips are a particularly important area to focus on if you feel a cold coming on.

At the end of the treatment, I stole it – well I might as well have – I was particularly unwilling to let it go!!!

Korean Hand Therapy was developed by a South Korean Acupuncturist- Dr Yoo. He was suffering terribly with migraines and found a point on his hand that relieved the headaches.

The hand roller creates an irresistable spiky sensation all over the pressure points of the hands. For anyone who knows the theory behind reflexology – the hands work in the same way. Different points and areas of the hands and fingers corralate to different parts of the body.

Paolo explained to me that one of the reasons that people rub their hands together in times of anxiety and stress – even without knowing why they are doing it – is their way of trying to help to relieve the stress.

A 5 minute session with the hand roller every day is a great way to stimulate the whole of the body. Using the roller on the back of the hand – the dorsal side – you are stimulating your back and spine. Using the roller on the palms of the hands stimulates the front of your body and internal organs.

I find it a particularly pleasant thing to use. As did my friends that I have handed it too. It is a strange feeling – not painful in the least. Once I start rolling with it I find it difficult to put down. Circulation increases and the hands feel alive – this would also be an ideal thing for the elderly or anyone who suffers with stiff fingers and joints in the hands.

I lost feeling in the tip of one of my big toes for three months after my trip to Norway with ’71 Degrees North’. I think that reflexology and circulation boosting massage were what helped to finally bring the nerves back from their paralysed state.

I looked to buy these for friends of mine online – the only place that I could find them are on Jong Baik’s training centre website.

The rollers are £14.99 but by using the discount code KHT30 the product becomes 30% cheaper – £10.50 (this code will be valid from tomorrow)

To buy –




Note for Today –

The Crazy Horse is currently in London with ‘Forever Crazy’ – it is a famous, and incredible Parisian burlesque show – currently starring Kelly Brook until 22nd November. I went to watch Kelly last night and she and the girls are breathtaking in it.

Forever Crazy has been in Paris for 60 years!

Kelly and I used to go to ‘Forty Deuce’ – a legendary burlesque show in LA – and always absolutely loved it.

See Forever Crazy if you possibly can!

Tickets –


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  2. Hmm, I will have to add this to my wishlist. It seems like a great thing to have in your handbag too! I find your posts on reflexology really interesting 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Susie was very excited to read about th hand roller and ordered i,arrived today,and yes your hands certainly feel alive,hope it doesnt some good,appreciate all the extra details you give love claire x

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