Lush’s spa treatment menu is completely and utterly unique. I was working in Poole last week, and went to have one of their treatments – ‘The Sound Bath’ – at the original Lush store’s Spa.

The first Lush shop was opened in Poole, Dorset in 1994. There are now over 800 Lush shops around the world, and four Lush spas – Poole, Kingston, Kings Road in London, and Leeds. This was my first Lush treatment – and now that I have had it, I want to try their others

The Treatment –

‘The Sound Bath’ – it doesn’t really fall into a specific category of massage or facial although it is a little bit of each. It is designed to clear the head, and therefore is absolutely ideal for those with busy minds. You are encouraged to empty your mind, and completely relax.

Before the treatment even started, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, I was presented with a wooden box brimming with dry ice created smoke – containing a small glass bottle and a chocolate mushroom with ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ labels.

As the treatment begins the face is massaged with pure organic jojoba oil. Vegan ear candles are used to clear the ears, and tuning forks – which are pictured below and look rather scary – are held on acupuncture points and are intended to tune head and heart. Hot stones massage the face, and a head massage sent me straight to sleep – I was incredibly relaxed by this stage. Cold stones are used on the face towards the end of the treatment to naturally revive, refresh, and bring you back to consciousness.

As well as being designed to relax, this treatment can also help with physical issues, such as sinusitis, congested ears, and tinnitus.

Playing –

A soundtrack that was composed especially and solely for this treatment – a collaboration from Lush’s Simon Emerson and sound healer Frank Perry. A soundtrack containing what sounded to me at stages like a blue bottle fly! An interesting addition!

What was burning –

‘Breath of God’ incense.

I immediately asked if I could buy it in the incense form – as I knew that it was available as a fragrance – sadly the answer is ‘not at the moment’. It is a perfect mix of heavy masculine woody smoke, and feminine lemon, and neroli.

Location –

29 High Street
BH15 1AB
Tel: 01202 672 217

Price –


Length –

60 minutes, but set aside at least 90 minutes – everything is explained to you – and there is absolutely no rush to move afterwards. The bathroom also has a shower – incase for example someone has come straight from the gym. It also has every Lush product that one could possibly need, so you don’t need to bring your own. Towels and robes are also provided.

My therapist –

A lady called Sam. I have possibly never felt any more comfortable in terms of not being rushed. Sam is incredibly knowledgable and calming.

Recommended for –

Busy and congested minds.

Contact Lush Spa –


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