Everything about the Maison Martin Mariela ‘Replica’ range draws me to it. The divine packaging, the simplicity of the label, the intention and meaning behind each fragrance.

Launched in Selfridges London, this summer – three perfumes that are intended to have captured the scent in the air at a specific, and romantic, moment in time. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that there are certain moments, that you just want to bottle everything about. Not even the most significant moments perhaps, just certain days when you are somewhere beautiful or that you feel exceptionally happy. These fragrances feel as if you are sharing part of someone’s favourite day.

I’m a label geek. The specific detail makes this product particularly special to me – I think it is incredibly romantic. I never forget a date, and it’s amazing where a smell can instantly take you back to.


Fragrance 1 – Flower Market

Originally – Flower Market

Province and Period – Paris, 2011

Fragrance Description – Crisp petal freshness

Style Description – Female Fragrance

It is said to have been inspired by freshly cut flowers, wet petals, leaves crushed and buckets of water. Fresh, like cut stems, with notes of freesia, Grasse rose petals, jasmine and tuberose.


Fragrance 2 – Beach Walk

Originally – Beach Walk

Province and Period – Calvi, 1972

Fragrance Description – Sunkissed salty skin

Style Description – Female Fragrance

They say that it is intended to remind you of a summer’s day strolling along the ocean with your feet sinking into the sand. Beach Walk contains bergamont, lemon, pink pepper, ylang ylang and coconut milk – it has a hint of the salty sea. Radiant and sensual.


Fragrance 3 – Funfair

Originally – Funfair Evening

Province and Period – Santa Monica, 1994

Fragrance Description – Sweet and mellow delight

Style Description – Female Fragrance

I love Santa Monica. I love the pier. It is also the very end of Route 66 which I drove in 2007. This fragrance, as a result, I was particularly drawn to. It is intended to have captured a ‘Funfair Evening’ – neon colours, sweet candy, and the laughter of the fair – a playful feel to it. Combines the sweet scents of apple, star anise, marshmallow, caramel and orange blossom with musky notes and amber scents.

In the UK the Replica range is still exclusively sold in Selfridges. In Ireland it is stocked in Brown Thomas.

Size and Price – 100ml for £60.00

To buy – http://www.selfridges.co.uk/maisonreplica

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