Clinique Superbalanced Makeup RRP £22

Balances combination skin. Helps oily areas to be less oily, and moisturises drier patches of skin – typically cheeks and foreheads. I find that this gives me the perfect amount of coverage – it is relatively natural – Clinique say that it gives ‘moderate’ coverage. I think for the vast majority of people – for daywear – heavy coverage isn’t hugely flattering. My advice would be a more natural base – and concealer on any areas that may need a little more loving.

To buy – (£21.50 with free UK delivery)


Primark Natural Look Lashes £1

£1 lashes – and therefore very worth trying. Not great adhesive, and not the easiest lashes to apply – they just take a little bit of practice. I bought 10 sets of lashes for work, and separate glue – my biggest tip with these is to buy separate glue.

To buy –

In the Primark/Penneys stores only –

My glue recommendation would be for either Duo or Eyelure Lashfix – both will last a good while – and both are suitable for individual lashes or strip lashes.



Lush Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie £15.95

Apply to skin before getting into the bath or shower – and wash when the water makes contact with it. Smells of roses. Contains cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, and rose water. Cleanses, softens and smells really good. Not an inexpensive suggestion – I know – but this would become even more perfect paired with Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner.

To buy –


Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-on £29.99

This became a very popular blog that I did in the build up to this summer. The electrical waxer, heats wax to the perfect temperature – it will never become too hot – which can be a major problem with the microwavable tubs. Once heated this simply rolls on. Strips provided. It’s the least messy home waxing experience possible. I do tend to book salon waxing appointments and use this at home when I need to.

To buy –


Review Blog


Washi Hot Cleansing Cloths £5.95

I have a stack of these cloths by the sink – thinner than face cloths, ideal for running under warm/hot water and removing any type of cleanser – oil, cream, lotion, foaming. Lovely company. I was delighted to read about it on another beauty blogger’s website and immediately placed an order for friends as well as for myself. They have lots of different packaging options, and numbers of cloths per pack.

To buy –


Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss ’04’ £22.00

Stunning lip glosses with the perfect consistency – 24 shades available. In the video I have shade ’04 Golden Fuchsia’. Put it over lipstick or on bare lips. Smells fresh – and lovely – of mango.


To buy –


Bumble Styling Lotion 250ml RRP £19.50

Protects the hair as well as helping to hold style. Contains vitamins and minerals, and is suitable for fine or fragile hair – mine is neither please keep in mind – so the ‘types’ that it is suitable for, includes fine and fragile.

I love it because it is light weight and doesn’t weigh the hair down. I have a travel size as well as the large size because I like it so much. I used their ‘Prep’ and ‘Thickening’ sprays for years – and found the styling lotion later. Spray evenly onto towel dried hair, and blow dry.

To buy – (it is £14.63 with free worldwide delivery)


My office today – Dressing room 2 of the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, and the kitchen table of my friend Katie’s house!

Have a lovely month! Do let me know any of your current favourite products in the comments section below.




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  1. Thank you for the Washi cloth post, I have just ordered some as they are so much cheaper than other brands and as I’ve just started to use my new love (Eve Lom cleanser) these will be perfect! Xx

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