An easy and economical way to transform your cleansing regime.

I read about Washi cloths on British Beauty Blogger’s blog. Cleansing is a passion of mine – and therefore so is anything that ensures that I am doing it thoroughly!

I placed my first order for Washi Cloths in June. I ordered some for myself – and also for my friends India and Laura as part of their birthday presents. As this sort of thing would be an ideal gift for me to receive, I assume it’s a top item on anyone else’s wish list too!! Every time I stay at India’s house, she lays a freshly washed Washi cloth on the side of the sink for me.

Thinner than your average face cloth – and softer too – these are reasonably priced and reusable. I now have a stack of muslin, and washi cloths by my sink. I use one for a few days, and then throw them it the wash. One won’t last you for years on end, but they do come out of the wash nearly as good as new!

Perfect for mask removal – and for cleansing balms – they retain heat well. Great for opening pores – by simply pressing onto the face after soaking in hot water. They dry fairly quickly too because they aren’t thick – which is useful for taking them on your travels.

There is a larger, stronger, ‘Polishing Towel’ available too. They suggest after cleansing whilst skin is damp, working the dry polishing towel, in light circles across the face and neck to remove dead skin cells. Keep re-dampening the skin, and working over it.

I love this company, and I love their website. The products come beautifully packaged in pink tissue.


Price and product examples –

Ten individually wrapped cloths – £6.95

Seven stacked cloths – £5.45

Four cloths and a Polishing Cloth – £5.95

Spiral Cotton Buds – £0.99 (the ridges in these gather make up more effectively)


My Tip – Rather than squeezing spots, hold a corner of a heated cloth onto it, then apply a cold corner, then a hot corner, then a cold corner – keep repeating until the spot dissolves. Squeezing is never a good plan unless you really know what you are doing – if you break the follicle wall infection will spread. 


To be lectured further on spot squeezing, here is a vintage blog of mine – ‘To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze’


To buy Washi Products –


My office today was coach E of Virgin’s 14.10 train from London Euston to Chester.






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  1. Hi Susie
    Just wanted to let you know that the Dr Darren Mckeown range is half price in superdrug at the moment. Pickec up a few bits on your recommendation!
    Lucy x

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