I was in Glasgow this summer. I made an appointment to see skincare specialist and cosmetic doctor Dr Darren McKeown. I had been trying his range of products stocked in Superdrug, and wanted to speak to him about the range, and ask him to have a look at my skin too.

His range consists of five products –

Dr Darren AHA Active Radiance Cleanser £12.99

This wash off cleanser contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) – a  light peeling agent that is proven to increase cell turnover. This cleanser sweeps away dead skin cells, excess oil and make-up. Shea butter and panthenol (Vit B) block in moisture and plump the skin.

Top Ingredients – 3% AHA Complex, 1% Shea Butter, 0.4% Panthenol


Dr Darren Active Peptide Day Cream SPF20 £20.99

This is my favourite product in the Dr Darren range. Gloriously rich, hydrating, and protective – it provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Pentapeptides stimulate the production of elastin and new collagen. They reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just 12 weeks – and help to firm and smooth. Radiance enhancing black tea extract, and vitamins A, C and E have been combined with a pentapeptide complex, at an active level of 3%.

Top Ingredients – 3% Pentapeptide Complex, 3% Black Tea Extract


Dr Darren Photo-protective Hydrating Fluid SPF20 £12.99

This is a protective, light, moisturising lotion, containing apple extract, shea butter and avocado oil. Ideal for skins that want protection, and yet don’t want to be weighed down with heavy moisturisers or sunscreens.

An extraordinary amount of people ask me for suggestions for UV protection in a lightweight form – some can be very heavy – this lotion is a good solution.

Top Ingredients – 4% Rice Bran, 1% Avocado Oil, 0.5% Apple Extract



Dr Darren Collagen Stimulation Eye Cream £16.99


This eye cream is currently next to my bed. It contains active ingredients sepilift and deepaline – both increase collagen production and reduce wrinkle depth. Also contains pomegranate extract and retinyl (a form of vitamin A). Soothing, and easy to apply to the delicate under eye area.

Top Ingredients – 1% Sepilift, 0.5% Deepaline, 0.4% Retinyl


Dr Darren Tri-Mineral Microdermabrasion Mask £16.99

This tri-mineral mask – containing magnesium, copper and zinc – energises the skin, and boosts protein production.The result is brighter, more radiant skin. The mask ‘energises the skin’s metabolism’ increasing circulation whilst exfoliating.

Apply to dry, cleansed skin, and leave for 15 minutes.

Top Ingredients – 1% Trimineral Complex, 3% Black Tea Extract


Ingredient Quantity –

Dr Darren selects ingredients that are proven to perform, and insists on displaying quantities of active ingredients on the packaging. Many products on the market claim to contain certain ingredients, but the quantity of the ingredient advertised and promoted is too small to be effective.

I love this accessible range because I know Darren is unthinkably passionate about skin. He told me that he knew exactly what he wanted to do for a career very early on in life.


My Skin –

I asked him to look at my skin – he specialises now in botox, facial fillers and chemical peels. I was delighted when he told me that my skin isn’t ready for botox. It wasn’t something that I was considering – but I was pleased to see that Dr Darren wouldn’t just inject anyone who approaches him. Some lines are more attractive to have, than not to have. I believe that botox – either badly done, or used at the wrong stage in life – is ageing. I would never say never. But I would tread extremely carefully.


Sun Protection Factor –

The suns rays are extremely harmful to the skin. I talk of SPF, and the benefits of daily usage a lot!

Dr Darren says ‘Sun exposure is the single biggest cause of skin ageing known to man. Over a period of years, sun damage causes rapid acceleration of the skin ageing process as well as the formation of skin cancers.’

UVA Rays – Ageing

UVB Rays – Burning

UVA protection is more important for us day to day in the UK than UVB protection, because we don’t live in a warm climate. UVA rays are ever present, come rain 0r shine – and they are the rays that cause skin ageing.

Dr Darren explained that the reason that the two moisturisers in his range have SPF 20 in them as opposed to SPF 15, is because although in terms of UVB rays SPF15 in the UK is probably all that we require, most of us don’t apply enough of it.

Apparently if a moisturiser, or foundation, or whatever we use daily for protection isn’t applied thickly enough – we often aren’t getting the protection that we think we are. This is probably completely impractical with a foundation – so use something underneath it that protects too.

It was a very interesting way to spend an hour of my week in Glasgow- I hadn’t realised that he is based in London half of the time – so the Glasgow scheduling was unnecessary!! The full range is at the link below.


Dr Darren McKeown – http://www.superdrug.co.uk/drdarrenmckeown


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