It was a year ago today – on the 7th September 2011 that I started

My sister helped me with everything – I would never have managed to set it up without help from her.

I was leaving for what became one of the best trips of my life on the following day. And I wanted to write while I was gone. I was lucky enough to go to Thailand, to Australia, to New Zealand to the rugby world cup, and to America, before coming home again.

The blog grew and grew with every day that passed, and I can hardly express my gratitude to everyone who reads it, and everyone who supports me and gives me such wonderful feedback – people I know, people I don’t know, and people that I feel I know. 130 blogs this year, and over 200,000 hits in the first year – I really did start it as a hobby.

Here are the most popular blogs from the year – a couple wouldn’t be the ones that I would pick as my personal favourites – the Veet one for example. A wonderful product but more mainstream than a discovery – I guess people just wanted to see if there was a quick and easy hair removal system  – for the summer that never really came – for us in the UK anyway.


The Top Blogs

1) Sweet Lemongrass Massage – Phuket

2) Veet EasyWax (unthinkably easy) Good weather = Bare skin

3) Fake Tans – The good, the bad, and the scary

4) Clarisonic Mia vs Rio Sonicleanse

5) Actress Amy Huberman Top 5 Beauty Products (the most hits that I had on a blog in one day)

6) Sleep and Stress – Tips, products, and pressure points (my personal favourite blog)

7) 100% Pure Argan Oil – 10% off

8) St Tropez Skin Illuminators Violet/Rose/Gold

9) Better Hair – Big Hair, Curl, Tong, Volumise, Blow

10) Silkskin 100% Natural Silk Pillowcase – Anti Ageing


My top products


These are some of my favourite things that I have discovered this year – so none of my old favourites like my beloved Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (that I find myself mentioning anyway!)


1) Clarisonic Mia £120.00



2) Eve Taylor Massage Candle £12.59

Use the code ‘blusher‘ at checkout for a 10% discount.

Click here for my blog on these amazing candles that moisturise and relax.


3) Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze £5.09

Free worldwide delivery. Click here for my blog on this. This has easily become my favourite daily tanner.


4) Urban Decay Naked Palette £36.00

Free worldwide delivery – all the eyeshadows one could ever need! Click here for my blog on this


5) Artdeco – Dita Von Teese Gel Eyeliner £19.50

Use the code ‘blusher‘ at checkout for a 10% discount. I have fallen deeply in love with this eyeliner – and its brush – which is £9.50. The discount code is applicable to both.

6) 100% Pure Argan Oil £19.95

10% reduction when you follow the link above – the product becomes £17.95. So many products have Argan Oil in them, but to use it in it’s 100% undiluted form is where real benefits are seen from it. Click here for my Argan blog.


7) Elemis – Quiet Mind Temple Balm £14.00

Free worldwide delivery. This little bottle travels everywhere with me – everywhere that I will need to sleep anyway!


8) Terre d’Oc  – Milky Make Up Remover Oil £19.50

For 10% discount enter the code ‘blusher’ at checkout. For my blog on this cleanser – and in-fact their anti-pollution foundation -click here


9) MAC ‘Morange’ Lipstick £13.50

I think it would have been impossible for me to rave about this lipstick any more than I have. It’s a glorious outrageous orange.  Click here for my Morange blog.


10) Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation £28.00

The most incredible concealer comes in the lid, so it is very much an all over skin wonder product. For my blog on it and all of the available shades click here


Thank you

I bought, along with one for myself this week, a Lush Massage Bar to send to someone.

Please leave a comment below if you would like to try one – and I will send it to someone.

As I always want to send to everyone and can’t possibly chose, I will ask my sister to help me, or I will do it randomly.

I bought their ‘Hottie’ bar to send, and for myself too. My ‘Therapy’ bar from Lush – that I rub into my hands and feet, arms and legs every night, has run out. I hope I like their ‘Hottie’ version as much. To read about it


Love Susie



20 Comments on One year on. My top blogs. My top products. And a thank you present

  1. Hi Susie
    Suffering from the flu at the moment and feeling very sorry for myself. In need of a pampering session when I’m feeling up to it and would love to try the massage bar!
    Happy 1st Birthday too!

  2. Hi Susie,

    I love your blog, I’ve bought so many of the products you’ve recommended and I’ve loved them all. I’ve even stopped buying magazines I used to because I no longer need their beauty reviews and suggestions because yours is just so well researched. You clearly have such a passion for beauty and for spreading the word on good products that actually do what they say. Happy Blog-iversary and keep up the great work!


  3. Hi Susie,

    Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary. Funny enough I was in Lush yesterday having a good sniff of those body bars. They are yum! Here’s to many more years of your ace blog Xx Angie Xx

  4. Hi Susie,
    congratulations on your first year! Even though I’ve only discovered your blog recently, I really enjoy reading your reviews! Also, I really love your recommendations! I would love to have a chance to try the Lush Massage Bar you’re generously offering us!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Susie!
    I read your blogs religiously and I feel rally lucky to have found this blog at an early stage in the year.
    I love the way the products in your blog are presented and I think my favourite tip of yours was probably the “double cleanse” tip.

  6. Can’t believe you only bean this a year ago-I love it!!!Here is to the first of many, would love o try the massage bar, if recommended by you, it has got to be worth a go!! all the best for the future xx

  7. Hey, i started following your blog on the recommendation of miss budget beauty..and love your honest reviews and the fact your concerned about value for money. I loved your posts over new year and the olympics themed british products! Xx

  8. Hi Susie
    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary of your blog. I would love to try this massage bar. I’ve never been an avid follower of beauty products, mainly cos I’m clueless with most things but have really enjoyed your blog and have got a bit addicted to buying at least one item from each of your blogs, I especially love the Shavata brow perfector and Burts Bees radiance body lotion, both of which I’ll be using today for a trip to the theatre (unfortunately not to see you this time) x

  9. Congratulations on your first blog anniversary! It’s full of good tips and advices and I’ve learnt lots of things this year, so thank you very very much

    I’d love to try the Lush massage bar.

    Thanks again

  10. Hi Susie!
    Many congratulations on celebrating your first year of beauty blogging! I have been reading your blog since the outset and love it. Your reviews are detailed yet concise and your practical tips are fab. I really enjoyed your entry on big, volumised hair and love the Babyliss Big Hair too. Chanel Tan de Soleil has been a revelation! Best wishes for the future!

  11. Big congratulations to you on your first whole year! Your blog is an absolute pleasure to read; I love the way you write and your detailed honest opinions and recommendations which have persuaded me to purchase so many things I shouldn’t buy!!

    I was looking at the bar last time I was in Lush and was so tempted but couldn’t justify the expense… I would love to win it as I’m mega stressed starting a new job!

    Here’s to the next year of blogging! *sends the love*

  12. Susie, I just LOVE your blogs!! Fantastic,honest and just brilliant tips. I have bought so many products you recommended and have not been let down once!! Keep up the great work and here’s to the next ten years!!!

  13. Susie

    Love your blog, love the fact that you are so down to earth and it feels like you are one of my friends writing about all the products I have yet to try or are thinking about trying 🙂

    Keep up the amazing work

    Laura x

  14. hi i love love love your blog i have told loads of my friends about it! i have bought the clarisonic and think it is brilliant and chanel soleil tan bronze brilliant and also bought argon oil also brilliant so i will have the clearest softest glowing skin at work because of you so i would like to thank you! i have been suffering with red itchy dry patches on my face and i have been very paranoid but since i have bought all those products it has cleared up so again thank you! i have been to my doctors so many times crying to him and none of the creams he gave me has worked so i am very pleased indeed xxxx

  15. Hi Susie, my friend sent me the link to your blog a few months ago and I’m now completely hooked! I have tried a few of the products that you have recommended and been so happy with the results but haven’t yet had a chance to buy any of the Lush products so would love to try the Massage Bar. I love that I’ve found a beauty blog that I can trust and really look forward to reading more of your posts over the coming years. Congratulations!! Sarah

  16. Wow – a year already! Time has flown in! I first discovered the blog when I was off work with Glandular Fever, and it was a God send having something interesting to occupy me! The posts have been Susie, wishing you another successful year!

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