Named in Bazaar’s Beauty Hot 100 list, Aromatherapy Associates’ ‘Overnight Repair Mask’, offers something a little bit different.

The skin is fed with rich fatty acids while you sleep, and the result is smooth moisturised skin by the morning time.

It is a white cream texture, and sinks in enough not to go all over bed clothes, but yet is still there in the morning – which is apparent when removing it with water.

It’s an intense mask, that I found instantly soothed the skin. My skin has been particularly angry this week for some unknown reason (in my mind the full moon is always to blame) and this was a real rescue for it.

I had been reminded that this was a wonderful treatment for the skin, when speaking to my friend Kirsty on the phone on Sunday night – and I instantly reached for it.

It contains millet seed extract, frankincense, rose (which I can particularly smell), strawberry seed, and rice germ.

It plumps and nourishes the skin – restores moisture and boosts collagen.

It can also be applied over a face oil – Aromatherapy Associates own ‘Fine Line Face Oil‘ would be ideal. A fantastic way to get moisture into parched or dehydrated skin. I am a huge fan of face oils.

As skin ages, I really believe the more moisture we can get into it the better. For anyone who has exposed their skin to a little bit too much sun, or air conditioning, this could be a fabulous treatment.

My skin hasn’t seen too much sun, or air conditioning, but I am never scared to give it moisture – even when I have breakouts. Breakouts are not always as a result of too much moisture. It can be a hormonal issue, or stress related – even an imbalance in the skin because the skin isn’t moisturised enough. The common misconception with spots is that excess oil is always to blame – a facial oil can sometimes even be the answer! It’s important to be aware that even if we don’t know what is upsetting the skin – I blame the moon as I have already mentioned – the answer is different for everyone!!

I like this mask because I get so impatient with masks that need to be left on for 10-15 minutes. It’s just easier to apply it and leave it – that way I am not tempted to wash it off earlier than I should.

This mask doesn’t have to be left on overnight – but for at least two hours to see maximum benefits!

It is usually priced at £48.50 for 50ml, but currently lookfantastic have it priced at £37.35, with free UK and worldwide delivery. I really do love these online beauty sites that have made postage free, it makes everything so accessible no matter where you may live.

To buy Aromatherapy Associates Repair Mask –

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  1. Just wondering what your thoughts are on letting skin breathe I.e. not doing anything for a night here and there except cleanse? I did this last night and my skin is great today. Is it possible to over-work the skin?

    • Big believer of whatever works for your own skin. If your skin feels fantastic try it again some other time and see if your skin still feels fantastic. It’s all trial and error. And yes you can definitely overload, if using endless products. For me, at my age with my skin- cleansing is vital. And so is a moisturiser- but the right moisturiser. Looking back using Creme de la Mer when I was 18 wasn’t ideal!! X

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