Stila Hair Refresher ‘Jade Blossom’ 75g

I was completely wrong in what I said in the video – it hasn’t been discontinued – it is alive and well on the USA website priced at $28.00. It appears to be unavailable here, apart from at absurdly cheap prices online! I love it anyway – an alternative to dry shampoo – a bottle could last a lifetime. Delicate scent on the hair, and very pretty packaging. Hold above head – squeeze – and a delicate refreshing oil absorbing fine talc is released.

To buy – (Jade Blossom £3.94 delivered)


St Tropez Illuminator 50ml £12.00

Violet was the original St Tropez Illuminator shade. Gold and Rose followed the following year. Popular for use on legs, arms, chests, and cheekbones. I also like to use a little down the centre strip of the nose. Don’t be intimidated by the sound of violet- it works on pretty much every skin tone. As pictured below Violet/Rose/Gold. Great value at the moment online. Also try and mix them in with a body or face moisturiser for an extra glow. For more information click here for my previous St Tropez Illuminator blog.

To buy – (free worldwide delivery £9.20 currently)

Phyto Phytopolleine Scalp Stimulant 25ml £20.50

To achieve good hair, scalps need some attention too. I was spurred on to mentioning this scalp oil again after a message from my friend Vicky to say that her hairdresser had mentioned significant amounts of new hair growth appearing. This happened to both of us separately after first trying it in 2008. Put a few drops of oil onto fingertips, and rub into the scalp – leave for at least 15 minutes before shampooing- I often leave it overnight. Click here for my previous Phyto blog for any more information.

To buy – (free worldwide delivery and currently priced at £17.43)

Dermalogica Clean Start Brighten Up SPF15 60ml £15.35

This glowing moistuiser is fabulous for skin’s that don’t need or want extra shine. It still provides illumination – and protection. Ideal for teenage skin also – however I use it and am no teenager! Lots of people want to protect their skin, and yet hate the heavy feeling that many products containing SPF bring.

Wide Toothed Comb and Mousse

Of late, I have been combing mousse through my hair before blow drying, or before going to sleep if I am being very lazy! My hairdresser did this before blow drying my hair, and used much more mousse than I would ever have used. It works really well in terms of giving hair a little extra life. The combing also means even distribution. Use any mousse or any comb but my suggestions are below!

To buy –

L’Oreal Professional Mousse Volume – (usually £10.30, but here £8.60 and free delivery)

GHD Detangling Comb – (usually £7.50, but here £5.76 and free delivery)


Clinique – High Impact Mascara £16.00

Very impressed with this mascara that I have been using this year. I felt before I threw it away it deserved another mention. It has lasted me a record amount of time. Delivers lovely thick full lashes, and doesn’t dry out quickly – I have found that many impressive high-end mascaras do.

To buy – 


Stila Convertible Colour £16.00

This was one of the first creme blushes that I ever bought. Still remains an essential in my make-up bag. I gave one to my sister and my friend Sarah at Christmas and both of them months later are still talking to me about it. Peony is a very flexible shade. It is definitely the best shade for me, and apparently for both of them. It is available in seven shades, I also wear ‘Gladolia’. I highly and confidently recommend this – it can be used on lips as well.

To buy – (free worldwide delivery)


Simple Eye Make-up Remover Pads £3.99

These pads are so handy to have for quick eye make up changes, or for travel. Very gentle and effective. I am not a user of face wipes, I think that thorough cleansing is extremely important,  but I do very much like these eye make-up removing pads.

To buy – (buy in-store at Superdrug or Boots)


Let me know in the comments section below if there are any beauty products that you are particularly loving this month, or have discovered this month!

Susie X


10 Comments on My Top Beauty Picks of the Month – August 2012

  1. Great blog as always – i have made some new purchases based on your recommendations 🙂 My new favourites at the moment for skincare are the Bodyshop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion and the Dior capture Essential Serum. Since using the serum daily I have seen a huge difference in my skin and the Microdermabrasion helps even further. Would Definately recommend these to try out

  2. Great blog as usual, your makeup looks fantastic in the video Susie!! Have you ever tried a beauty blender sponge for applying makeup? I haven’t seen any mention of it on your blog yet and its my number one staple beauty product!!

  3. The vitamin c one I have been using is in a tube and goes on like a normal face scrub and it brilliant. I will have to try the powder version too and see which is better 🙂

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