I saw London Road at the National Theatre last night with my friend Vicky. Currently on the Olivier stage there – last year it had been in the far more intimate Cottesloe. I can imagine that that setting had suited it greatly.

A musical based on the Ipswich 2006 murders of five prostitutes, sounds like a fairly inappropriate piece of theatre. It is however incredibly well done. The majority of my friends at work had seen it, and during our time off with it being on again, I was determined to go.

Every word in the play by Alecky Blythe, was spoken by the residents of the town of Ipswich and London Road – even ums, pauses and interruptions are left in. She headed to London Road to speak to the residents shortly after the fifth body was discovered.

Both funny and insightful. It views the situation – quite literally – from the immediate neighbours perspectives. Steve Wright lived on London Road for only 10 weeks – at number 79 London Road. The impact that his actions had on not only his victims and their families, but the Ipswich residents is captured so cleverly in this play. You see their horror, their excitement – fascination – bewilderment. It’s truthful, and dark.

It’s only on there until the 6th Sept – but tickets are from as little as £12.00 – I’m sure that it will return but if you do have

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