I have been excited about the Per-fekt range for a very long time – it was founded in California in 2005. I have been slightly reluctant to mention it because of it being stocked solely in Harvey Nichols in the UK, and unavailable online – never ideal for an online blog. It’s a forward thinking brand, that enhances complexions, and features. The best way to describe the range is skincare products merged with colour.

My friend Gilda and I were shopping in the Beauty Collection in Malibu. A lady wanted to show me the Per-fekt range – I had lots to look at and to buy, and I said no thank you. Gilda stopped, tried some products, and bought some. I thought no more of the range until I saw it in London, and felt the texture of the products myself. Both of us brought the products that we had to Ibiza where we were on holiday two weeks ago.

I mentioned Per-fekt’s ‘Brow Perfection Gel‘ in my top picks of April – I l think it is the most fantastic product – but aside from that I have been fairly quiet about the range. I’m so glad that it is now readily available.

A few weeks ago, as I was writing another blog, I found Per-fekt on beautybay.com. They are a website that post for free to anywhere in the world, which makes this small but glorious range of make up and beauty products accessible to all.

Click on any of the photos to take you to the product….

The range consists of –

Brow Perfection Gel £19.50 – An eyebrow mascara, the easiest one I have ever used in terms of a good result. The eyebrow’s hairs are held in place, the wand slightly bends which makes application extremely easy. It comes in three shades – and a nude – for those who want eyebrow control with no colour. I say go for it with the colour! Every set of eyebrows out there deserves some attention. They frame the face.


Body Perfection Gel £41.00 – Goes onto the skin like silk. It’s a strange and lovely texture – the face products are the same. They almost become the skin – an improved, even, glowing version of the skin. The body gel disguises skin marks – scars, stretch marks, bruises. It is also moisturising and hydrating – containing shea butter and ceramides. Comes in  three colour options – I use ‘Golden’.


Cheek Perfection Gel £25.00 – A cheek tint, available in blushed and bronzed. I really like it – it looks lovely over ‘Skin Perfection Gel’ but of all the products in the range, this would be the one that I would say you could probably find something similar to at a cheaper price. For example Stila’s Convertible Colour – one of my favourite cheek products EVER. It is £16.00, I wear the shade Peony primarily, but also Gladolia. ‘Peony’ I bought for my sister, and friend Sarah at Christmas, and both have said it is now their favourite make-up product.

Eye Perfection Gel £39.00 – Ideal for the delicate skin around the eyes, I apply it over eye cream, although thanks to the incredibly smooth easy to blend texture, the eye cream isn’t a necessity. It improves the appearance of puffy eyes, or dark under eye circles. Four available sheer tint colours – I use ‘Bright’. Many people struggle with eye products, it can be a tricky area to address – some concealers can be hard to blend in or can ‘cake’ slightly. It is packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants, hyaluronic micro spheres. It is basically a concealer that also protects.


Lash Perfection Gel £24.00 – A conditioning version of a mascara, that I have not as yet tried. Primes the eyelashes and conditions them. Contains an array of impressive ingredients – including ‘Marine Plant Glycoden’ – which acts as a natural lash extender. It accelerates lash growth and strengthens the existing ones. Smart Colour Technology means that one colour adapts to all, and even the finest, thinnest eyelashes are enhanced. Just writing about this product makes me want it immediately!!


Lip Perfection Gel £18.00 – Primer, perfecter, moisturiser. Gives lovely tint, and full plump finish. Helps chapped lips, lined lips, dehydrated lips. It is an all round lip conditioner in glossy shades – currently five to chose from. Once again features Smart Colour Technology so each shades adjusts to your own lip colour.

Skin Perfection Gel £49.00 – I would say that this is the key product from the range. The perfect primer or alternative to foundation. Ideal for my friend Gilda – who it was sold to in Malibu – she doesn’t have the time or inclination to apply a full foundation before work. This enhances and evens the skin tone. Available in four shades and a translucent. I wear ‘Radiant’. Smooths into the skin like silk – never leaves a shine or oil finish – and yet nourishes with vitamins and anti-oxidents. Improves the appearance of enlarged pore, fine lines and redness.

Matte Body Perfection Gel Tan £41.00 – Skin treatment, body lotion and self tan in one. It has all the benefits of the ‘Body Perfection Gel’ that is mentioned above. This version is matte – shimmer free. Disguises bruises, stretch marks and uneven skin. Wash off colour, that can be built up – or even taken down when mixed with a body lotion. A quick way to achieve the appearance of smooth even skin.


For any more information on Stila’s convertible colour for lips and cheeks, that I have mentioned above, here is the range on beautybay.com/stila or here is my previous product of the week blog on the multi-use colour compacts – http://www.blusherandblogging.com/stila

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