The velcro sleep-in rollers are becoming quite a phenomenon.

It is recommended, and completely acceptable to use these on dry hair. For lasting body and movement I would definitely suggest nearly dry hair. If your hair is still slightly damp – always when styled – it will hold better. Do not however, then remove them when hair is still even slightly damp, it has to have dried, or rollers – sleep-in or not – will not work.

I chose to use them on blow dried hair – this as I said, was one of the recommended usage options. I thought it would be interesting to see the effect, as I would definitely have chosen usually to use them on still ever so slightly damp hair.

I wore them for 12 hours – it took 18 rollers to cover my entire head. I was determined to sleep in them- a feat that would be impossible in a hard plastic Carmen roller.

The Sleep-in Rollers are filled with foam and wrapped in a Velcro- you do still need to grip them – on hair of my length you do anyway. I used my Superdrug slumber cap to keep them in perfect place. Sleep-in Rollers have a hat too, which I now also have.

Were they comfortable to sleep in?

I have definitely been more comfortable! However they are going to be far more comfortable than anything else on the market. Personally I would chose for the future, to put them in for a couple of hours before going to bed, and then I would take the rollers out around the side of the head and grip those pieces of hair up – in flat circles – against the head. That way you have a flat surface to sleep on, but those pieces of hair won’t fall flat. Having said all of this, I did sleep, I didn’t tear them out in the small hours of the morning, but I couldn’t honestly say I that I couldn’t feel that they were there.


How did my hair look, after using them on dry hair?

I hairsprayed the life out of my hair before removing the rollers. My hair was not curly- a heated roller is what gives that effect – but it had volume and movement. It looked far better than my hair would have looked if I had done a committed and fully concentrated on home blow-dry. I’m still working on my skills there!

Would I recommend them?

Absolutely. I’m going to use them across the top section of my head very often whilst sleeping. It is so nice to wake up with hair that looks like you have come straight from a professional blow-dry. Remove them, and tip your head forward and then back, while spraying with hairspray.


Tip – Use a styling spray before putting the rollers in, either before the blow dry if you want to use them on dry hair, or on damp hair, or even on dry hair if you are planning to use them a day on from a hairwash. 

 Styling Spray Suggestions –

Bumble & Bumble Does It All Styling Spray £11.00

L’oreal Volume Expand Root Lift Spray £10.90


Relationship Tip – My friend made me laugh at dinner last night. When she was recommending the sleep-in rollers to her Mum, her horrified Mum who is happily married after 39 years, said that one relationship rule she strongly believes in is – do not ever, ever, get into bed with a man with rollers in your hair. I think the entire nation is breaking her rule at the moment! 

To buy –

They are £16.50 with free UK delivery at

Also £16.50 with free UK delivery at

If you are buying from outside of the UK use the Active Beauty Link. Postage to, for example Ireland, is £2.45 for the rollers. I am assuming that the rest of Europe will be the same. The amazon link told me that posting outside of the UK is not a possibility.

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  1. Have you tried the Dream Curler Deluxe rollers that they demo on QVC? They have very mixed reviews on there but I’m still tempted.

    • I haven’t – no!! Reviews are always good to consider but everyone will think differently so if you really want to try them go for it! Let me know too if you like out of interest!

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