Sleep Aid 


Gold – Holistic Silk EyeMask

There is nothing else that I could have put in first place for a sleep award. This isn’t your average eye mask. I love that the strap you tie yourself so you get the perfect fit. It curves around the face and is unthinkably comfortable. The only downfall is, now I can’t sleep without mine – literally! Filled with lavender, and made from silk and velvet.

Price – £36.00

To buy –


Silver – Silkskin 100% Natural Pillowcase

I wrote a blog about these pillowcases recently. I have had two over the last few years, can be washed normally. The anti-aging pillowcase. The great news is that bed bugs and dust mites do not enjoy living in pure silk. Wonderful to sleep on – good for the hair and the skin. Lots of friends including my Mum bought one after reading my blog, and the feedback has been fantastic – I knew that it would be! To read more – silkskin blog

Price – £35.00 (with free worldwide delivery)

To buy –


Bronze – Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm

I dab this behind my ears, on my earlobes, neck and wrist pulse points before I sleep. I have mentioned this product repeatedly on the blog, it really helps me to relax. By far the best temple balm I have used. I was at a friend’s house recently and I saw it unused in the bathroom. I said to him – ‘Do you use this? Try it? You don’t want it then, can I take it?’. By the time I arrived back at home he had fallen in love with it and was furious that I had taken it! It really is glorious…

Price – £14.00 (currently £11.20 with free worldwide delivery at the link below)

Size – 15ml

To buy –



Cellulite Aid 


Gold – Body Brush

If you remember to do this daily – every morning – all over – towards the heart, your body will see huge benefits. Dry brushing boosts circulation, and helps the body to eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system – this helps to reduce cellulite. I love Elemis’s long handled brush – which is made from pure, natural cactus bristles.

Price – £15.95

To buy –


Silver – Crystal Springs Detoxology Footpads

I am so excited about these extrordinary detox footpads – I will write a proper blog on them over the next couple of weeks. I used detox foodpads for the first time about six years ago. I have just started to use them again. A two week supply comes in each box – you only need to put a pad on the sole of one of your feet. By the morning time it will be gunky. A reflexology chart comes within the box, so that you can pick the position for your pad to sit! The centre on the foot is fine however.

Price – £25.99 (use the code blusher in the promo code box at checkout for 10% discount)

Size – 14 pads for 14 days

To buy –


Bronze – Shiffa Basil, Mint & Black Pepper Body Wash

I use this tingly body wash in the shower with a body puff. It feels fabulous. I can’t stop once I start. I loving using it on the legs. A spicy, stimulating feeling. This comes as one of the three items in their cellulite kit. Shiffa is a luxury range from Dubai that is stocked in Harrods, on the fifth floor – Urban Retreat.

Price – £25.00

Size – 200ml

To buy –


Cleansing Aid

Gold – Clarisonic Mia

I have talked repeatedly of this extremely fast moving cleansing brush that gives a 6 x deeper cleanse than hands do alone. I have been using mine for nearly a year. Click here for my clarisonic blog

Price – £120.00

To buy –


Silver – Eve Taylor  Facial Cleansing Brush

Taking into account value for money, this £7.99 Eve Taylor cleansing brush should really be given gold. The rubberised rounded ends of the brush encourage thorough cleansing and massage the face – increasing blood flow and circulation – which if used frequently results in brighter looking skin. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen, so the better the blood flow, the better the skin’s health and appearance. I use it with a wash off cleanser, so while the cleanser is on the skin. It is a delight to use. For my full blog click here – Eve Taylor Brush

Price – £7.99

To buy – (use the code blusher at checkout for 10% discount on all products)


 Bronze – Muslin Cleansing Cloths

Fantastic way to cleanse. Cleansing is vital – I would say it is potentially the most important aspect of skincare. A lady asked me in the hairdressers if she should invest in a clarisonic. I said – what is your cleansing regime? She said she didn’t cleanse. I said ‘absolutely not’ to the clarisonic – do the basics first. Always get the basics correct before you start to get fancy. Simple cleansing cloths remove all types of cleansers. I have a pile of them by my sink. And machine wash them. It’s such a refreshing way to cleanse – holding a warm cloth over your skin.

Price – £6.25 for 3 cloths

To buy –


Massage –


Gold – LUSH Massage Bar

I have been treating my body, hands, and feet to this beautifully scented massage bar, nightly for the last month. I use the – now soft – corners of the bar to press into knots in my shoulders and pressure points on my hands and feet. I didn’t buy the tin from LUSH to keep the massage bar in because I didn’t know how much I would use it and like it – I will buy one with my next product. It becomes a lovely oil on the skin, that sinks in well and leaves skin soft and scented. I use their ‘therapy’ bar but there are lots to chose from!

Price – £6.50

Size- 65g

To buy –


 Silver – Elemis Frangipani Oil

Not only a body oil, also ideal for hair, hands and feet. Delicate beautiful smell. This surely had to be one of Elemis’ best selling products. It solidifies when a room drops below a certain, so don’t make the mistake that my friend Vicky did in thinking the product had gone off – just warm the bottle between your hands. It smells just gorgeous and is fabulous on the skin. I have it by my bed.

Price – £29.70 (use the code PD2012 for 20% off until 31/08/12 – the product becomes £23.76)

Size – 100ml

To buy –


Bronze – Massage Candles


Being a huge fan of candles, massage candles were always going to be something that I liked very much. The wax melts at a lower temperature to your regular candle so it can be poured onto the skin and massaged in. There are three that I would particularly recommend – Eve Taylor Massage Candle £12.59, Oskia Skin Smoothing Candle £34.50 and TLC Love Candle £24.00


For the TLC Love Candle, and the Eve Taylor candle, and indeed for anything at use the code blusher for a 10% discount on absolutely everything.

They are about to stock the Artdeco Dita Von Teese new make up range which is extremely exciting, I have been trying it out over the last few days and the red lipstick is to die for – it lasts all day. TLC are stockists of Terre d’Oc, Eve Taylor, Artdeco, Dr Belter and the tanning brand Vita Liberata. Free postage is over £30.00. The lady who owns this website, I was told, helped an Irish girl living in Australia when she had been quoted £25.00 postage elsewhere for the Eve Taylor facial brush!


Have a glorious day wherever you are, I need to get out of my bed, stop writing, and do something!





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