Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty is a youtube ‘TAG’ that has been much done, and I am finally getting around to do it! Seven sins and seven beauty related questions to answer!

1) GREED – What are your cheapest and most expensive beauty products?

Clarisonic Mia £120.00 – Although expensive, I think that this was money well spent. It gives a 6 times better cleanse than hands do alone. Everyone that I have recommended it to has been delighted, and my friend that I bought this for as a gift said that it was the best gift she had ever received! Free postage worldwide.

Perricone MD Face Firming Activator £99.00 – I adore the face firming activator. An expensive item but after hearing the hype I am now feeling the hype. It targets damaged skin, or uneven skin, helps to reduce large pores and fine lines, and overall improves the tone of the skin. It used to be available only by dermatologist prescription, and has a high concentration of active ingredients. Apply onto cleansed skin underneath moisturiser in the mornings. Free postage worldwide.

Tesco All About Nails £1.00 – The shade ‘raspberry’ is my favourite of this extremely inexpensive nail polish range by Tesco. Annoyingly there is no link to them online! I find this often with Tesco! Great consistency, it doesn’t dry out or become gloopy.


2) WRATH – What product do you have a love/hate relationship with, and which products are hard to get?

Dry shampoo. I haver never been a dry shampoo fan because of the feeling of the product in my hair. I also worry that it leaves build up, which is why I favour the much more expensive Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray – £38.00. Oribe’s spray is on a whole different level – it is clear – as appose to white, and makes completely flat hair pretty fabulous in a few sprays. I also love to use it for high pony tails, and plaits, to get lift at the root. Tip your head forward and spray at root and gently shake through with your fingers – gather for a ponytail with your head still tipped forwards.

Having said all of this, I cannot deny the hold that Batiste’s XXL Dry Shampoo gave me last week when I was at a wedding. I backcombed at the root, sprayed a little from the magic can and my hair stayed full all day! Much longer than if I had used hairspray. I did enjoy washing it out afterwards but dry shampoo definitely has its place on my shelf. The cheapest way to buy this online is on amazon for £4.48 or visit a Boots or Superdrug store.

In terms of hard to get products, the Miss Sporty Mini Me concealer, appears to have been discontinued. And Sabon products, that I first discovered in Amsterdam, but are primarily on the east coast of America are unavailable in the UK. Their Patchouli, Vanilla and Lavender products are my very favourite smell.


3) GLUTTONY – What is your most delicious beauty product?

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush – the scent is Lush’s Rose Jam. It is a conditioner that you put on your body after washing in the shower and simply rinse off and step out. Your body is left moisturised, conditioned and smelling – delicious

My other delicious product that I wrote a blog about recently (its own blog because it is that fabulous) is my new favourite daily moisturiser tanner Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Tan Lotion. It smells lightly of cocoa butter, leaves a gorgeous natural colour and sinks easily into the skin. For anyone who isn’t keen on self tanning products but does like some colour, or is anxious about using self tan, please do try this one. Free delivery worldwide and priced at £5.09. Well worth an order –


4) SLOTH – What beauty product are you lazy with?

Body moisturiser, I am lazy with it because I hate getting dressed if my skin feels sticky.

Having said that I do love to moisturise, I would just be lazier with body moisturiser than with anything else in the field of beauty! My current favourites are Burt’s Bees Radiance Lotion which is £9,99 – it gives the most fabulous healthy subtle glow to the skin, and Kiehls Creme de Corps my old favourite. I love all three versions – the original, the SPF30 lotion, and the whipped. When I’m wearing a dress in the evening, nothing makes skin on the legs look healthier than a last minute Creme de Corps application!


5) PRIDE – Which beauty product gives you most confidence?

Lipstick. I love lipstick. It can create a completely different look instantly. My current favourites are ‘Morange’ by Mac, ‘Scarlet Lip Stain’ by Laura Mercier, ‘Rose’ by Laura Mercier, ‘Eye Candy’ by Twilight  ‘Pillow Talk’ by Benefit, and ‘Impassioned’ by MAC

Reds, corals, pinks, deep berry shades, natural tints. I love to mix up lipstick.

6) LUST – Which attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? (or same sex)

Confidence! And someone with their own opinions – even if they differ to mine. And someone who is instinctually kind. I also like good hands, I forgot to say that in the video!

7) ENVY – Which products would you most like to receive as a gift?

I love things like notebooks, books, anything gold in terms of jewellery and accessorise. But in terms of products – something you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself. Scented candles, bath oils, a great lip product. The anti ageing ‘Silkskin’ silk pillowcase that I mentioned in a blog last week – that was a gift – and a fabulous gift indeed. I love bath oils – ESPA Energising, and Aromatherapy Associates Deep Mind Relax.

My ultimate gift to myself at the moment would be Urban Decay’s Naked Palette 2 – something I want and currently do not own.

My all time favourite gift to give or receive is Holistic Silk’s Lavender Eye Mask. I have used one – and quite literally used one nightly – ever since buying my first one in ‘Lavender Room’ in Brighton in 2006.



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  2. the clarisonic sounds great but just too expensive for me unfortunately, but i recently bought the shiseido cleansing massage brush and I love it, the bristles are very soft but you can still feel them cleaning your skin and it really lathers up your cleanser, it was 28 euros from brown thomas and i was reading in reviews that it lasts people ages so I think its worth the price, the woman who sold me it said they sell out very fast and are extremely popular, maybe worth a try for people who cants afford the clarisonic. Just a question about the silkskin eyemask does it protect the skin around the eyes while you sleep from being pulled across a pillow at night? love the blog! 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much for that. Yes the eyemask protects the eye area. It is absolute luxury. Tie back so that you can adjust it to your perfect fit. Stays on- complete comfort. 10% off this week at Cult Beauty- have a look at the blog I published today x

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