About 6 or 7 years ago my friend Leah bought me a silk pillowcase – from a company called Silkskin.

As if by magic, she bought me another for my birthday this year – the magic element of this being – that having washed the cream silk with my bedclothes repeatedly over the years – it had become weaker and weaker and ripped apart at one of the seams. I hadn’t told her this, and yet another one came at my birthday in April. I was delighted. It’s a fantastic gift.

I had bought myself for my Christmas (the best way to justify a purchase) the most gorgeous bedding from Anthropologie, which as luck would have it was a ruffled white/cream, and matched the silk perfectly. Had I bought a pattern or a colour bedding set, I would have put the silk pillowcase and another ivory pillowcase under two patterned/coloured pillowcases, without hesitation. That is exactly how my bedding used to be.

The benefits of silk –

– Hypoallergenic (good for allergy sufferers)
– Beneficial for those with eczema
– There are no chemicals or dyes which can dry skin out, and leave it in poor condition
– Less hair frizz
– Assists in reducing hair loss
– Cleaner bedding (house and dust mites don’t live in silk!)
– Less frizz and hair breakage with movement in the night
– Anti Ageing – Skin can breathe at night and loses less moisture

I have to say aside from any of the above benefits, this is a supremely comfortable way to sleep. The dust mite and house mite point, as above, is a benefit of the silk that I have only learnt in the last five minutes, and I have to say I am extremely grateful for it!

If you think of how many hours our head spends against a pillowcase – night after night – it makes buying a good quality pillowcase very appealing indeed.

There are lots of silk pillowcases online that look rather questionable to me! Silkskin say the same on their website, so if you do want to buy one, I wouldn’t search on ebay. The benefits of a silk pillowcase are only going to be there if the silk is indeed pure silk, and has been treated and made in the correct way.

Pillowcase Size – 78cm by 48cm which is the standard UK and european pillowcase size

To Wash – Hand wash or machine wash 30-35 degrees

Material – 100% Natural and organic silk

Price – £35.00 for one or £65.00 for two at beautybay.com (free worldwide shipping and the cheapest price online that I can find)

Other Silkskin Products – A very appealing looking silk and lavender eyemask £29.00. Travel pillowcase with a carry case for if you become so addicted to your pillowcase you won’t travel without it £30.00. Great for people who struggle in hotels with allergies or irritation to certain washing powders



Links to buy –

Silkskin Pillowcase £35.00 – http://www.beautybay.com/silkskinpillowcase

Silkskin Silk and Lavender Eye Mask £29.00 – http://www.beautybay.com/silkskinlavendereyemask

Silkskin Travel Pilowcase £30.00 – http://www.beautybay.com/silkskintravel

Silkskin’s homepage at beautybay – http://www.beautybay.com/silkskin



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  1. Oh I’ve been looking for silk pillow cases for years because I heard that they help prevent wrinkles as the silk slips against the skin rather than sticking and doesn’t wrinkle the skin as you sleep. I’ll be buying 2 of these as a Christmas present to myself now I know where to get them from xx

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