I mentioned the French beauty brand Terre d’Oc recently when I was reviewing their heavenly Milky Perfume Cloud.

It is a brand that is compiled of five world inspired ranges – India, Bali, Japan, Burkina Faso and Morocco.

These five ranges are based on, and inspired by,  ancient traditions and passed down beauty secrets from generation to generation.

There are two products from the Japan range that I have been using over the last few months.

I had a sample of Terre D’oc’s Anti Pollution Foundation. I had been skeptical. One shade only. What would be the chance of a good skin colour match? It is described, I think very accurately, as a pearly rose beige. My skin looked radiant, natural, even, and healthy after using it. I was extremely pleased with the result. I immediately got the full size product.

The product in the full sized bottle is ever so slightly lighter than the foundation that came in the sample sachet. In the photo below of my hand, the foundation from the full size product bottle is the top one of the two in the picture.

There is no technology that makes the shade of this foundation adapt to skin tones – I went back and asked for more information on this. It’s a cross between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation.  I think that it is a lot heavier than a tinted moisturiser I would say it is a light/medium coverage foundation. It contains green tea and camellia oil. It protects the skin from pollution with wakame seaweed which is a natural anti pollutant and superfood – ideal for those living in crowded cities. I think of it as a skin protecter, perfector and enhancer. It is also non comedogenic, which means that it will not block pores.

Its not suitable for black skin tones or extremely fair skin tones – I would recommend it for light to medium skin tones.

Just as a guide on my own skin colour and tone – as I think I am a bit lighter than people expect me to be. I am ‘Light’ in Gariner’s BB Cream, I am Santa Fe in Nars’ Foundation, Sunny Beige in Laura Mercier, 2g in Dermalogica Foundation, 20 Clair in Chanel’s Vitalumiere, and NC25 in MAC. I would usually select a’Light/Medium’ in a tinted moisturiser if that combination was available. Due to my SPF addiction I don’t need to change foundation shade in summer months! Actually with the delightful weather here in the UK this summer I doubt very much that anyone is having to!

The foundation is 98% natural – there are no bioengineered ingredients in it.

If the colour didn’t match perfectly – mix it with a little moisturiser to blend down, or with a darker BB cream or tinted moisturiser to get your perfect match. I am a customiser. I had my make up bag stolen last summer – my laptop too – but my make up bag really hurt!! In it was an old NARS foundation bottle, with an incredible blend of my anything and everything customised foundation.

The other Terre d’Oc product that I have been trying is their natural oil cleanser – Milky Make-up Remover Oil Face and Eyes.

This doesn’t pour out of the bottle as an oil would, it is more the consistency of a thick gel – it becomes oily when warmed in the hands. Apply to dry skin – imperative with oil cleansers – they work because of their reaction with water, so the water must come second! So warm in hands, apply to dry skin, then begin to rub in water and it will emulsify and turn into a milk liquid, splash away.

If you chose to use this over the eye area aswell, which I often avoid with oils because I often have a few individual eyelashes on, then make sure that is is very warm and oily. I’m making this suggestion because without warming it, the thickness of the cleanser would mean some heavy handed rubbing onto extremely delicate skin.

The light delicate smell is absolutely gorgeous – I think potentially the scent is plum tree blossom as with much of the Japanese range. This oil make-up remover was inspired by the Japanese ‘saho’ double cleanse ritual. Leaves skin soft and radiant. You can feel its kindness to the skin, soft and gentle, and yet effective. A blend containing hot spring flowers, wakame seaweed, and camellia oil


Coincidence indeed – I have just found an offer for the two products being sold together in a duo set called ‘Japan Perfection Complexion’ which I think is a very good way of summing them up!




Anti Pollution Foundation £24.95 – http://www.tenderlovingskincare.co.uk/antipollution

Milky Make-up Remover Face and Eyes £19.95 – http://www.tenderlovingskincare.co.uk/milkymakeup

For both products Terre d’Oc Japan Perfection Complexion £41.00  – http://www.tenderlovingskincare.co.uk/japanperfectionduo

3 Comments on Terre d’Oc – Anti Pollution Foundation & Milky Make Up Remover

  1. Thanks for another great post. I’ve just ordered both as I’ve recently moved to Istanbul and like the sound of the foundation to protect my skin from pollution. As I can’t resist a bargain, ordered the oil too!

  2. My favourite foundation, i’m on my second bottle.

    I travel a lot through work and my skin changes from one week to the next, but this foundation ALWAYS suits me no matter if i’ve had the sun or not – i was sick of buying all different shades of foundations for my make up bag.

    Havent tried the cleansing oil but it sounds fab.

    Thanks for posting about this range, its so lovely

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