I was very excited to try the ARK Skincare range. I had heard bits and pieces about it but didn’t know a whole lot about the range.

Co-founder Shula Starkey came to my house to do the party herself last Sunday. My Mum and my sister came, and three other friends who I thought would be interested in hearing about the products. By the end of the night – and I will add we were under no pressure to buy, because it was a party to introduce me to the range and to how a party worked – all of us ordered.

ARK is expanding – employing ARK angels, and encouraging people to host their own ARK skincare parties.

Shula has endless experience in the beauty industry. She is an incredibly wise lady, who is passionate about skincare. And we loved asking her question after question!

As always, as I do with anyone interested in beauty, I asked her for her number one skincare rule – and her answer was cleansing.

She was mentioning, and this is always of great interest to me, how little of an ingredient you have to put into a product, to label your product as containing it. She said that if anything at all had SPF in (sun protection factor), it was allowed to be called anti-ageing. Always a shame when people believe they are treating their skin to something, and actually it is of such a low quantity that it will have no effect at all. Shula for this reason, has her active ingredients at the highest level that they are allowed to be, before they would be labelled ‘pharmaceutical’.

The range is split into three age categories-

Age Prepare– Teens to Mid 30’s

Age Maintain – Mid 30’s to 50

Age Repair – 50 and Beyond

There are four core products to each of these age group categories – Cleanser, Exfoliator, Masque and Moisturiser. That would make up your basic skincare system as ARK suggests it. But then they have many products that treat the skin, and could fit into any of the age groups – such as a pre cleanse, serums, eye cream, plumping lip cream, hand cream, home products, toner.

ARK believes – as I’ve said before Dermalogica does – that they don’t believe in labelling skin types. They think that it is a mistake to say ‘I have dry skin’ and reach for every product that is labelled as being for dry skin. I completely agree with this approach. The reason I may have a skin breakout, may not be for the same reason as you do. Stress, for example, is a major cause of everything negative skin wise – and if that causes a skin problem – something else may be causing my sister to have what appears to be the ‘same’ issue.

ARK address ages. Shula’s mother fits into the ‘Age Repair’ catagory, Shula herself fits into the ‘Age Maintain’ catagory, and her younger sister is the correct age to be amongst those using ‘Age Prepare’.

Anyone of any age can use any of their 8 serums depending on what the skin requires – so these are almost ‘prescribed’ to deal with an issue or complaint – no matter how major or minor. Below are details of the serums, and which one may be best for a particular skin concern.

Hydrating – Fine lines, tightness

Clearing – Breakouts, skin congestion, shine

De-Stress – Capillary damage, inflamed, sensitive, reactive

Firming – Wrinkles, loss of tone, premature ageing

Radiance – Dull, tired looking complexion

Phytohormone – Texture, tone, sagging

Antioxidant – Environmental damage

Anti-Redness – Inflammation, eczema, rosacea

ARK skincare centre – http://www.arkskincare.com/serums – the serums are priced at £42.00

I have been using the Hydrating Serum, alongside the Age Prepare four piece basic skincare set. I mix a few drops of the serum with the moisturiser.

I fell completely in love with ARK’s at home products – candles, diffusers, room sprays – also their bath and body oil – that I ordered immediately. They have three scents – Loving (Rose, Patchouli, Myrrh) Lounging (Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot) Living (Lavender, Grapefruit, Rosemary). The three are extremely hard to pick between. For the body, I particularly like ‘Loving’, although I ordered something from each of the three!

The products are natural, so don’t hang around to use these. The back of the bottle with have a symbol that says 6,9 or 12 months, and it is recommended you use the product within that time frame. The moisturiser is in an airtight pump container – not relevant for me to mention necessarily – but I found it interesting to hear Shula saying imagine how many preservatives must be in moisturisers that we scoop out with our fingertips!

This is a seriously impressive range, that my skin is loving.

I have one of the full size four piece sets to send to someone – please comment below if you would like it and let me know which age range you would fall into – and I will ask the very kind person who arranged this giveaway for me to chose someone. I’m really excited to have this sent to someone because I am extremely confident that these products are impossible not to love.

Ark’s skincare centre is in Putney – 339 Putney Bridge Road, London SW15 2PG and all details are on their website http://www.arkskincare.com I am very excited to book in for an ARK facial in a month or so – my heavily pregnant sister had the one at the party – quite deservedly of course. For any products bought from the website use discount code SUSIE15 for a 15% discount.


Just as an update- Karleen who organised the gift for a reader – chose Priya to receive the set of ARK. I’m glad she made a decision because I wanted to give it to everyone!

46 Comments on My ARK Skincare Party and Skin Set Giveaway

  1. I would love to try this new skincare brand! I also love dermalogica skincare for their simple approach to looking after my skin so i think trying Ark would be a real treat. Thanks again for a great blog (I get quite excited when I get a new notification in my inbox!!)

  2. These products sound great. I am despairing of my skin at present as for the last few years (and probably tied in with stress levels) I have gone from having skin that people regularly commented on to dry,flaky and over-sensitised skin that gets me down on a daily basis. I would love to try the Prepare range and the De-Stress serum as part of my ongoing battle to reclaim my complexion!

  3. Actually as much as I would love it for me and I love your blog, i’d really like to give it to my mum as she has been poorly of late my mum is 68 and she deserves this treat x

  4. Amy, loving your blog – you are going to have me broke from trying to replicate your purchases!!!!!! but i have to say my skin is becoming alot clearer and bright. But i really do need to upgrade my anti-aging regime – and woyuld love a helping hand from some great products like these!!
    Age Maintain – Mid 30’s to 50


  5. I would like to enter for the 50+ range. My mums been very I’ll lately and has just come out of hospital so would love to try this as her skin is really suffering from a mountain of meds. :0)

  6. Ohh it all sounds fab! Esp the at home items, candles excite me! Are these parties solely for the uk or could does it even exist in the Irish market? Love trying new bits! I would be in the ‘prepare’ category! Xx

  7. What a generous giveaway! My skin can use some pampering, specially free pampering 😉
    I’d like to enter for the Age Prepare- Teens to Mid 30′s as I’m 31.

  8. I would love to try Ark! I am in the market for a new skin care line. I am 27 and feel like it may be time to switch up my skin care regimen. I feel like I am noticing my skin changing more as I get older. Thanks!

  9. I think I would need the radiance as having three kids and little sleep has not been good for my skin!!!

  10. I was intersted to read the post, having suffered with dry skin and psorasis I have used Dermalogica for years as know my skin doesn’t react to it and have therefore become stuck in a bit of a rut. When I first went for my Dermalogica skin consultation, it was 8 years ago and have used the same products since then even though my skin will have changed. Reading the post has given me the nudge to give these products a try as they seem like they will make a difference to my skin. I would fall into the age prepare category.

  11. Beautiful range. I love the concept of not classifying skin as an overall type like dermalogica do. Fab! Age prepare would be ideal. 🙂 X

  12. What a great blog! I love the sound of this new brand & am still desperately searching for the right skincare range to suit my skin-I would love to try it please. I would fall into the age prepare category. Thanks x

    • This range sounds great. I’m fighting a losing battle with breakouts and as a result scarring, an oily T-zone and dry forehead. You name it, I’ve got it!!! Im definitly up for trying something new. I would be in the Age Prepare category. x

  13. Hi Susie,
    I would absolutely love this set it sounds gorgeous, and the Ark parties sound fabulous, love that someone gets a facial as part of the party.
    I would be an ‘Age Prepare’ Girly 🙂 Jeni xxxx

  14. Great post!! I am really trying to find the key products to form a good skincare routine for me and I find that the products that I am ‘supposed’ to use, my skin absolutely doesn’t like. It’s quite confusing!! I would love to enter your give away and try the Age Prepare range. My mum has drilled into me from a very early age how important skincare is and this sounds like an amazing range to try. Fingers crossed I win!!!

    I love your blog and YouTube vids Amy, I make a point of keeping updated with both 🙂


    • You have won Priya. I asked Karleen to chose someone as I find it too hard! And she has chosen you so I am going to email you now. Please let us all know if you like it!


  15. This sounds like truly amazing products. I would LOVE to try it! I would fall into the Age Maintain category. Thanks!

  16. I would love the age repair or my mum who is 78, has always loved looking after her skin and is due to have heart surgery in the next few weeks. I know if she received this, recommended by you, it would bring a smile to her face and lift her spirits x

  17. I would love to try some new skin care, my skin is a mess at the moment as I am stressed writing a thesis. I seem to be constantly breaking out which is not pretty and nothing seems to be working to stop it!! I am in the age prepare range. 🙂 x

  18. This range sounds amazing! I love the fact that it’s natural as well as anti ageing. I always love to hear your feedback and recommendations on new and existing products. There’s so much to choose from out there, so it’s great that you give such fab and honest advice. I’d like to try the age maintain range please. Thank you, Sally x

  19. I would love to try these products. I must admit even though I’ve always been a bit of a girly-girl I’ve only got into properly cleansing and looking after my skin the last six months or so, and I must say my skin has never looked better. I’m delighted with the results, so thanks for all your pointers. I would fall into the ‘prepare’ category 🙂
    Thanks xx

  20. Hi Amy, this sounds like something I should be trying out. I have done a complete overhaul of my make up bag recently, but my friend told me yesterday that i should really rethink my skin regime first. The ARK products were actually what she suggested. I’d fall into the age prepare category and would love to try it out!!

  21. How generous! Love reading your blogs, keep up the good work 🙂 I am 24 and a total newbie to looking after my skin do would be in the age prepare category 🙂


  22. These products sounds Gorgeous and natural products seem to be much better for your skin than pumping it full of chemicals. I’m interested in trying these products and i love that you share your beauty “secrets”. I had perfect breakout free skin until I was in my 20s and now I’m in my early 30s I seem to have constant breakouts on various areas of my face. Ark skin care sounds like a luxury product and the candles etc sounds amazing. As with the majority of your recommendations I will have to try these products out 🙂

  23. Hello – awesome post, thank you! These products seem amazing! I would love to win.

    I am Age Prepare 🙂

    All the best
    Grace x

  24. Hi Susie! Would love to try the age prepare range. I’d even love to try writing a mini review/ blog for you on how my skin responds. I’m heading on holiday soon and my skin gets so dry from the sea, it’d be great to have something luxurious to put on!

  25. I would really love to try these products in the Age Prepare range. I currently use La Roche Posay and these products sound like they would be perfect for my skin. Fingers crossed 🙂

  26. Hey Susie, I would love to try out this new skin care range in Age Prepare because I adore trying out new products. I’ve always battled with my skin, sometimes it’s flaky and dry and other times it’s really greasy and spotty. It would mean loads to me if I did win.
    Love Kelly

  27. Hiya susie! I would love to try out this skin care range Ive always changed my skin care brand as I struggle to find something that works well. I think the ‘ Age Prepare’ would work well as my skin is both dry and oily and im hoping that would even out my skin tone once and for all.X

  28. Hi Amy, I look forward to reading your blogs and trust your recommendations very much. Having had acne for years and enduring strong medication to control this, i’m now suffering with the aftermath of acne scarring and my confidence is at an all time low. My skin is in a right mess and I’m at a total loss in finding a suitable skincare regime. This brand sounds great and I would love to be considered for the prize. I would be age maintain xxxxx

  29. So sorry Susie, I called you Amy by mistake 🙂 thats because my always catches me reading your blog and says “all I ever hear is Amy this Amy that” lol xx

  30. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Would love to try this out. During my teens and in college I had quite good skin but ever since I started working my skin is not loving long make up days! Although I live in Dublin so not sure if I’m eligible! Newbie to your blog and really loving it!

  31. Really enjoying your blog Susie. The ARK range sounds really great – I like that they are natural too. I was wondering if it is recommended to use the clearing serum on one part of the face and the de-stess serum on another part? I’m having some break out issues at the moment but think the de-stress serum would be more in the line of what I’d need normally. I would love to win the giveaway too – I’m in the mid range!

  32. Hi,
    I am 22 and have very bad skin and oily have tried sooo many products. I would like try very much and hopefully it will help me.

  33. Hi susie, I would love to win the ark set, really love trying new products. Just become mummy to a 19 month old we adopted and brought home 2 days ago so wud love a yum mum treat. I am aged 38 …
    Lynsey x

  34. You’re so kind offering this giveaway!! If it’s open to non UK residents, then I’ll like to enter and try this brand, completely new to me. I’m 45, so age maintain for me

    Thanks again xx

  35. Oh sounds fab!! Eye opening too as to what we are putting on our skin!! I would be in the maintain range 😉 xx great idea too the parties wonder when we can expect them in Dublin. I’m also addicted to the reed diffusers right now so loving the sound of the fragrances.

  36. Hi Susie,
    I would really love to try this range. I have been trying for years to find a skincare range which suits me and am yet to succeed. I would fit into the Age Prepare range. Rowena x

  37. I have been with Dermalogica for a very long time and Ark has blown me away with it’s simplicity, effectiveness and philosophy. I really think to myself “where has this brand been all my life?”. I am networking with Shula to get Ark more well known in the North.

    Fab blog which I will be bookmarking to keep reading.


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