Dermalogica’s ‘Precleanse’ was my second introduction to an oil cleanser. The first one that I owned and loved was one of Laura Mercier’s- my friend Lucy bought it for my birthday a number of years ago.

Thorough cleansing is very important – I talk a lot about this. Products and sunscreens, make up, pollution, dirt and oil are all things that we either apply daily to our skin, or involuntarily pick up as we travel through our day. A short cleanse, or a wipe with a face wipe, is not enough – it is not sufficient if we want clean, and ultimately healthy skin.

If skin is clean, it can breathe. It can absorb products that we apply to it, that otherwise may only be partially effective because of the layer of grime and dead skin cells that they are sitting on top of.

I have mentioned this before, but I will mention it again – a survey that Dermalogica did showed that the average person is cleansing for only 20 seconds a day. Ever since reading that, I have made sure that my cleanse is for longer than that, in both the morning and evening!

Precleanse is a product that encourages the highly recommended ‘double cleanse’, because it doesn’t call itself a simply a cleanser – the ‘pre’ part reminds us that something is intended to follow. The oil grips hold of make up, sebum, sunscreen and dirt on both the face and eyes, and as water is added the oil turns to a milky residue, and everything that it has gently gripped hold of is washed away. The skin is then ready for step two – cleansing.

I am being careful not to imply that this is simply a make up remover because it is fabulous for men, and women who don’t wear make up too! Having said that it is important to mention that it is a fabulous eye make up remover, with the exception of for lash  extension wearers, as oil removes them!

Oilier skin types should not fear an oil cleanse – far from it.  Oil attracts oil – which means that excess oil/sebum on the skin will be effectively removed by a cleansing oil.

I find the essential oils that the precleanse contains very relaxing, I can definitely smell the lavender oil, I breathe in deeply when applying it as they suggest that you do when having a Dermalogica facial. Precleanse is fragrance free, and free from colour too – the entire range is.


Precleanse info and stats –

Instructions for use Apply to dry skin – both to face and eyes. After thoroughly massaging the oil into dry skin with the hands, add a little water to fingertips and continue. The oil turns to a milky residue as water is added – everything is being lifted. Splash off, and cleanse as normal.

Key IngredientsRice Bran Oil (the deep cleanser), Apricot Kernel Oil, Lavender Oil, Borage Seed Oil

Suitable for Every skin type – especially oily or congested, make-up wearers, city workers

Size 150ml (this size bottle is long lasting) I also have managed to find a 59ml travel size bottle which I will link at the end of the blog – it would usually be the offer give away size when buying a Dermalogica Cleanser

Price £31.50

HometownCalifornia, USA

Dermalogica products that I like to use with it – Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Skin Hydrating Booster, Multi Vitamin Power Firm


Links to buy –

Dermalogica’s own website is now a seller of their own products, and they usually give samples of other products with an order , currently a very tempting looking hydration kit is added to the cart along with the cleanser that is priced at £31.50-

There is currently, as I write this, a special price of £30.00 at lookfantastic and they as always, are offering FREE DELIVERY worldwide

For the 59ml bottle which is priced at £14.00


Thought of the day – Nighttime is when skin does the bulk of its regenerating, so give it a chance to do that, without it being weighed down with the dirt of the day!!  

And I should let my skin repair by sleeping rather than writing blogs past midnight (it is currently 1.13am)!


2 Comments on Product of the Week – Dermalogica ‘Precleanse’

  1. this is my HG product-its amazing.
    beware that when u first use it, skin will break out but after a while, skin is glowing!
    i follow with SCG and my clarisonic or Liz Earle cleanse & polish and Dermalogica Active Moist to finish!

  2. Wow this stuff sounds great! I haven’t tried much from Dermalogica but everything I’ve tried so far I like. Their lipbalm is so nice, if you’ve yet to try it I’d certainly recommend it:) xxx

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