‘Sweetie Pie’ Shower Jelly –

I was given a sample of this shower jelly when buying the sugar based Lip Scrub that I blogged about recently. The smell alone sold this shower jelly to me- I headed to a Lush store as soon as I possibly could and bought it.

As Lush describe – this is a jelly scented with coconut and cherries – it was made to celebrate Lush’s 10th birthday! To me it has a unique, super sweet smell, that makes me want to eat it. I definitely can’t smell coconut! I think I smell berries – very sweet berries.

The jelly is slightly impractical as the video blog above shows. Initially I had tried to break pieces off, which was fairly hard to do – and wasteful – as they fell every time to the shower floor. I began using it as you would a bar of soap – a bar of soap that you have to cling onto gently – to keep it within your grip and yet gently, so as not to break it. It is a seaweed based jelly that is suitable for the hair and scalp as well as for all over the body. It really does smell delicious. Apparently best used if you break a little onto a wash cloth.

100g – £2.95
240g – £5.95


Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner –

Use as you would a hair conditioner but on the body! After washing while skin is still damp, spread this all over, and simply rinse off. Pat dry with towel rather than rubbing vigorously to leave the moisture on the skin.

I have just expressed a love for the sweetie pie shower jelly’s smell- well I love this even more. I sometimes just pick it up to smell it. It has Lush’s ‘Rose Jam’ scent. It’s packed with fairtrade shea butter and has some argan oil and brazil nut oil, almond oil and goji berry juice. Perfect for those like me who are lazy with body moisturising. I’m getting better at doing it, but this is the extremely easy way! Please at least if you pass a Lush store ask for a sample of this, or even just smell it. It smells of rich sweet roses, but edible sweet roses.

225g – £15.50


‘Ultrabland’ Cleanser –

As I expressed in the video blog. The first time of using this cleanser I was deeply unimpressed. I was in a house with a broken boiler, and had a small sample pot of this cleanser. I applied it to dry skin, it is a mixture of beeswax and almond oil, and as I began to splash my face with cold water I realised that this product wasn’t going anywhere. My face was covered in a mixture of wax and make up. It didn’t break down and rinse away as oil cleansers that I use do. I grabbed my Clarisonic, which ended up also covered in make up and wax. I had to pour a kettle of boiling water over the brush head to clean it afterwards.

A week later I went into Lush, and asked why this highly recommended product -as they say recommended by 100% of their staff – had left me putting it on a mental hit list. They explained that cold water would not bring this off. I took another sample from them and this time removed it with a warm facecloth. I must admit that this was effective and my skin did feel lovely and soft. But as a day to day cleanser I would definitely prefer one to be more versatile, hot water and a face cloth aren’t always with us necessarily, especially if you are someone on the move and often away from home as I am. Even the lady in the shop told me that when removing it with warm cotton wool, sometimes you need to keep going over it and over it again. I kept thinking of how easy and thorough Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel is by comparison.

45g – £6.45
100g – £10.25


Please let me know by commenting below, what your favourite Lush products are, or any ones that you aren’t so fond of too! If you have tried the Ultrabland cleanser, and had a similar experience to mine, or even quite the opposite, please do let me know as well. I think the cold water circumstance of that evening did not help when trying that particular product!

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7 Comments on Lush – My Best and Worst

  1. Dream cream is one of my favourites from Lush.
    I use ultra bland and dry cotton wool – it seems to work fine for me, like a cream cleanser.
    I’m not a fan of the shower jellies – smell lovely but I agree, they are awkward to use.

  2. Have to say agree with everything you say about Lush, I just love walking past and can never resist popping in. I will definitely check these products you mention they sound delicious…thank you

  3. I love the body conditioner too. And their new solid perfumes are really nice – I like ‘love’ and god’s breath’.
    Your blog is awesome so detailed and personal. Thanks Susie

  4. I love the Ultrabland cleanser,feel it really has had a positive impact on my skin.I was aware of the removal problems and the girl in my Lush store recommended using Toner to remove it,This works an absolute treat!! I use cotton pads sprayed with my favourite Lush toners ,either Breathe of Fresh Air or Eau Roma Water(the BEST toners I have ever used BTW)
    This leaves my skin feeling really clean and not at all dry.

  5. I found your blog while searching for info on the Clarisonic Mia. This post prompted me to try the Ro’s Argan body conditioner – it is exactly what I have been looking for. I’m rubbish at moisturising my body (something to do with having 3 kids, no time and being a bit lazy about it!) and most moisturing shower gels don’t do much for me. But this body conditioner has been brilliant – I love it and no longer have crocodile legs. Yay. Thanks for the recommendation.

    The lady in Lush also very kindly recommended the King of Skin body bar as a cheaper alternative, so I’m going to give that a go too.

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