I always use something on my hair in-between washing and styling. It makes me feel much better about heat styling if I feel that I’m protecting my hair in some way. I don’t always make the right styling product choices, and I have tried a huge array of them over the years!

I don’t like the feeling of sticky or weighed down hair – I’m sure that no-one does – and very often I am careful not to apply too much of a styling product just incase it leaves a residue and makes my hair feel heavy – I instantly want to re-wash it.

Running my hands through my hair and feeling layers of product is completely unappealing. I like my hair to feel nourished, moisturised, and under control.

I have used the Bumble & Bumble styling products for years – ‘Prep’ and ‘Thickening Hair Spray’ and ‘Surf Spray’. All are brilliant. I recently decided to step away from the Bumble & Bumble Prep /Thickening spray combo, and try their ‘Styling Lotion’ solo.

I like the ‘Styling Lotion’ very much because you can saturate your hair with this lightweight spray and it doesn’t weigh it down. Perfect for every day hair, possibly not strong enough holding for certain hairstyles. I would highly recommend this for anyone who frequently heat styles their hair. It detangles, adds shine, and nourishes, and all the while helps to protect hair against inevitable heat damage.

Can be layered with other products – it is certainly light enough to be. Perfect over Bumble & Bumble’s ‘Prep’ or ‘Tonic Lotion’.


B & B’s Styling Lotion Stats –

Active Ingredients – Biotin (Vitamin H) strengthens the hair folicle, Wheat Amino Acids helps with shine and moisture retention, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey split end concealer

Suitability – Frequent styling, fine hair, damaged hair, normal hair, everyday styles

The Effect – Healthy looking, nourished hair, with natural shine and light control

Price – £19.50 for 250ml

Hometown – New York City, USA


My heat styling tip – Let hair dry as much as possible after washing before you start styling – thoroughly towel dry, do your make up, brush your teeth, moisturise your body, eat your breakfast. The drier the hair is when you start to blow dry, the less time it will be necessary for you to expose it to damaging heat.


The Styling Lotion in the large size of 250ml is £19.50. It is currently at http://www.bellezo.com/bumble-bumble-styling for £17.10 with free UK delivery.



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  1. I’m new to Bumble and Bumble products and so far I just love them! All of their products I have tried have been so lovely and light textured -the better for layering them with other products. It’s also great because they don’t weigh down my long hair. So far I’ve tried Styling Lotion, Styling Creme, Straight Blow Dry, and Thickening Hairspray. Very pleased with all of them.

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