I am loving the huge array of colours in Topshop’s nail polish collection. I bought myself a little gift of the pastel lilac coloured polish ‘Parma Violet’ today. I love lilac,and pale grey nails at the moment.

The range is packed with blues, browns, greens, nudes, and fabulous pastels. The regular nail polishes cost £5.00, and the metallic polishes, and crackle polishes cost £6.00.

The crackle polishes are top coats that you apply on top of a nail colour – it cracks and leaves you with a mixture of the underneath and the top coat colour. I would have loved this when I was younger.

My favourite picks from the range – some being ones that I would wear – and some being ones that I would wear, skin tone and age allowing, are as follows –

Sketch – Mink

Flamingo Coral – Coral

Naked – Cream

Crystal Clouds – Champagne

Rainy Day – Fog Grey

Cafe Au Lait – Beige

Utilitarian – Khaki

Threadbare – Creamy Nude 

As with the majority of nail polishes – use a base coat, two coats of the colour of your choice, and then a top coat. For regular nails, I love a clear polish that can be used as both a base coat and a top coat, such as Essie’s 3-Way-Glaze which is £8.99 for 15ml, and Topshop do one which I haven’t tried, which is £5.00 for 8ml.

For the full range of nail colours at on the Topshop website – http://www.topshop.co.uk/nails


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