I was in Aura in Ascot for a facial on the 1st May. I had asked my friend Suzie Coxon, who owns Aura with her sister Katie, to book me in for a facial. She recommended a new facial that they are doing, the Aromatherapy Associates ‘Ultimate Radiance Facial’.

What I found so incredible about this 90 minute facial, that involves deep galvanic cleansing, was how relaxing it was. If I’m completely honest I slept for most of the 90 minutes, but not before grilling the exceptionally talented Lara for skincare tips.

My favourite question currently, for anyone even remotely knowledgable or interested in beauty, is ‘what is your number one skincare tip?’. Lara actually gave me two- use a face oil – and exfoliate. She said that the amount of people who complain that their skin is dull and lacklustre, and yet don’t exfoliate is extremely high.

The facial as explained by Lara –

1) Hands on cleanse with ‘Rose Renew Cleanser’

2) Deep Cleanse – Galvanic current works with sodium carbonate within the used serum, to dissolve any built up dirt/grime/bacteria. The current then draws it all out

3) Micro current is used to lift and re-educate the muscles. This is great for tightening the skin, and softening lines.

4) Intense Hydration using the galvanic current. The serum used for this part of the facial contains sodium hyaluronate and natural rose water to hydrate at the deepest level.

5) Overnight Repair Mask is applied to feed, nourish and further hydrate the skin. There is time for a shoulder massage while the mask works!

6) High frequency is then used to heal any breakouts. It has a fantastic anti bacterial effect. This tightens pores and locks in products.

7) Layer Lock – Serum, face oil, eye products and moisturiser

I was slightly surprised that this facial was Aromatherapy Associates, I personally associate them with deep relaxation, beautiful scents, and all natural techniques, so I was a little surprised that it was going to involve anything electrical. I felt that it was a very different offering from them, and loved that it was still such a blissfully relaxing experience.

My Q and A with Suzie Coxon –

What is your favourite treatment and why?

It would have to be massage. With the job I do my posture is horrendous and I suffer with a lot of neck tension. Not only that but massage is one of the most effective/cheapest ways to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, so a regular, firm massage on the tops of legs and bums makes such a difference.

Nails, waxing, eyebrows or eyelashes – what would be your top priority?

Well firstly I hope I never have to choose! I would say nails. Eyebrows you can play around with yourself, cautiously I may add! Nails on the other hand are a bit trickier! Waxing I will eventually never have to do again. We have had our IPL Hair removal machine for a year now so I’m well on my way to being hair free! It’s a liberating feeling, ha!

What is the most booked treatment at Aura?

The Gelish 3 week manicure but facials are a close second. We trialed most of the gel polishes on the market but we all fell in love with Gelish. It lasts brilliantly and has such a fun range of colours.

Name your three essential products… 

Firstly, not a product as such, more of a tool. The Aromatherapy Associates skin brush is great for stimulating circulation, brushing off dry skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Brushing am and pm works best. Then it would have to be Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum. It has an ingredient in which mimics the effects of snake venom which has an instant tightening effect on the skin therefore giving you a smoother, more flawless look to your skin. The effects last 8 hours so it gives you a result which lasts all day! I honestly couldn’t live without it! Ooh now for my final choice, this is a toughy! It’s got to be Bare Minerals foundation. It doesn’t clog my skin like most foundations do and this also hydrates your skin up to 25% in the first 2 weeks of using it. I couldn’t go back to using a liquid foundation now.

What is your number one skincare tip?

Not all of us can afford the luxury of a regular facial so I would invest in a good exfoliator (MD Formulations do a face AND body scrub which is amazing- a dual purpose exfoliator!) and a good face mask. Do this twice a week and this will maintain your skin, keeping it clear, smooth, supple and hydrated. You’d be surprised at the results!

Why did you specifically recommend the Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Radiance facial for me, what skin types is it ideal for?

It’s honestly a facial that would tick all the boxes for most skin types. The galvanic current it uses delivers a 7 times deeper cleanse which then ensures a painless, less intrusive extraction and a deeper exfoliation than a regular facial. The micro current works on the facial muscles which the therapist will pick up, using the probes, from the belly of the muscle to give an amazing lifting result. Alongside the two different currents incorporated in the machine, we use the full Aromatherapy Associates range which hydrates, plumps and smoothes the skin. All in all it cleanses, exfoliates, clears congestion, lifts, sculpts, hydrates and radiates! Would you agree???


I actually would agree, my skin felt lovely and hydrated, and has been exceptionally clear ever since.


Links –

MD Formulations Face and Body Scrub – usually £28.00 but currently £23.80 at http://www.gorgeousshop.co.uk/MD

Aromatherapy Associates Brush – £12.00 and worldwide free delivery at http://www.beautybay.co.uk/AromaBrush

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum – £127.00 at http://www.rodial.co.uk/snake – I have never tried this product, all I know is Suzie talks about it pretty much every time I see her. They do samples of it, so maybe drop into a Rodial salon like Aura and ask to try.

Bare Minerals Foundation – £18.99 and worldwide free delivery at http://www.beautybay.co.uk/BareMineralsFoundation

Aura Spa – there are two salons so far, one in Ascot, Berkshire, and one in Chobham, Surrey. They have a fantastic website http://www.auraspa.co.uk with full listings of treatments and prices, and always have a look at the promotions part of their website. Excitingly they are also going to have a website selling products very soon. They stock Ila, Dermalogica, Aromatherapy Associates, Jessica, MD Formulations, Rodial and Bare Minerals. I think it is one of the friendliest and most professional salons around. Anyone is welcome, male or female, for any treatment.

Aura Spa, Chobham – 43 Windsor Road, Chobham, Surrey GU24 8LD 01276 858989

Aura Spa, Ascot – The Corner House, Course Road, Ascot, Berkshire SL5 7HL 01344 621530

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  1. Hey dear i was really upset due to my skin but after reading these tips i am feeling relex and will apply these tips on my daily life thanks.

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