BubblegumI wandered into the Lush store in the Arndale Centre in Manchester yesterday, with extremely dry and flakey lips. I’ve been using a Clinique’s ‘All About Lips’ over the last few days. I’m not sure if I should put my dry lips down to a weather change, or if I’ve been overusing products on them.

I had lipbalm and a tint on yesterday, and I wasn’t particularly keen to try the lipscrub when the lady started to tell me about it.

I was in there to look at their perfumes, and my lips were feeling especially vulnerable. But about two minutes later, after another wander around the store, I changed my mind.

The fact that it was made from castor sugar and you can simply eat it off after you have scrubbed – dead skin and all worryingly – was too much of an appealing opportunity for me to walk away from. They also contain jojoba oil.

I selected the ‘Sweet Lips’ option- which smells of chocolate and vanilla. The other two available Lush scrubs are ‘Bubblegum’ – which is pink in colour and smells not surprisingly of bubblegum, and ‘Mint Julips’ which is a chocolate mint flavour.

Richard’s favourite scrub of the three (the gentleman who at this point was helping me from behind the counter) was Mint Julips, and Bubblegum is by far the best selling of the three, he told me.

I must admit after a vigorous scrub that my lips much needed, I did choose to damp cotton wool the majority of it off, rather than eating it. Although I could taste a little of what I had scrubbed with and it was delicious.

I was extremely impressed with the staff’s knowledge and enthusiasm in this particular store of Lush’s. I love being told of alternative ways to use products. The lip scrubs for example could be mixed with a cleanser, for less of an extreme scrub across the lips. And their solid perfumes, are alcohol free, and can be used in the hair as a hair perfume and a tamer!

I have used lip scrubs in the past that haven’t been as effective as I would have liked. I’m obsessed with the fragrance ‘Amazing Grace’ from Philosophy, but the lip scrub from that range wasn’t grainy enough for me.

A soft toothbrush is the old classic way of exfoliating the lips and removing flakes. The sugar scrub is definitely the fun way.

The lip scrubs are priced at £4.95

Secondary school girls apparently love them, so that they can have a sweet snack in class without getting into trouble – brilliant – I would have done exactly the same.







5 Comments on Lush Sugar Lip Scrub – Bubblegum, Sweet Lips & Mint Julips £4.95

  1. I love these scrubs. me and my mum bought five or six of them last year and are now addicted. Lush staff are the greatest!

  2. Being of a much older group than Susie, I have tried various balms which in my personal case is to simply fight the invigorating Scottish air when walking doggies. Most expensive, I splashed out on Creme de la Mer Lip Balm and at the other end I have used good old cheap “Vaseline”. In my personal case, both are effective so I now stick with the so much cheaper Vaseline. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Miracle Cure is equally very effective in results and the tube lasts for ages and can be used in so many dry areas. I would say it truly depends on your individual need regarding location, lifestyle and whether you want coloured lips. Lipstick on cracked lips is not attractive at all. Diet, hydration from what water/good veg we intake, our general health is a huge contributing factor to the health of our lips. One thing I have learnt over the years is that if you have “flaky lips” …. better to brush gently rather than pull. Hope this helps some of you x

  3. Mint julips is my fave its gorgeous … my younger sister loves the bubblegum one but its takes too synthetic for me! Don’t blame the schoolgirls for nibbling on it!

    Have you tired Lush’s ocean salt facial scrub?? Fab-tastic for waking up up esp if you have a hangover .. you can taste lime on your lips afterwards .. tingly freshness!

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