Confidence is a fabulous thing. I felt that Samantha Brick’s article yesterday, did step over the confident mark, and actually was fairly disrespectful to women. The implication that the only reason she hasn’t been asked to be bridesmaid at any girlfriend’s wedding, was because they all felt threatened that she would overshadow them, is possibly quite telling as to the real reason that she hasn’t been asked.

For anyone who didn’t see the article that I’m referring to, here it is –  As a Daily Mail writer, she had to be aware enough to know it would welcome some debate.

In my blog about Kelly Brook, that I did in December last year, I said that one of the things I admired most about her was her lack of focus, and discussion, on looks, and her appearance. I’ve also never heard her say anything negative, that I can recall, about anyone else’s appearance. She is someone who certainly isn’t disliked by women who know her, and indeed she was a bridesmaid at her friend Lisa’s wedding last year – chief bridesmaid!

Writing a beauty blog, isn’t about encouraging people to look a certain way. It’s about enhancing what we have, and about trying new things, and about looking after the only skin we will ever have (hopefully)!

I think it’s fantastic that Samantha feels confident in her appearance. But I don’t think that people’s reactions to her, should be immediately assumed as jealousy. My appearance doesn’t deserve a special mention, but I can only speak from my own perspective, and I love women. I’ve had very few situations where I’ve felt that women don’t like me for no reason. At the same time not everyone can like you – that’s the way of the world! But generally, I like women, and they like me.

Jealousy exists – of course it does. It’s an inner reaction that we all wish that we could avoid when it strikes, but looking within and thinking why am I feeling jealous, usually rationalises it.

Thankfully we all find different things attractive. The world would be a very sad place if we didn’t. And as women, and indeed human beings, being kind to each other, and judging people on how we find them, is the important thing.

Just on a side note – nothing is more beautiful to me, than my friend’s dog George. He truly is something I can’t take my eyes off!


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  1. I just read the article written by Ms Brick. I find it interesting that a self described good looking woman, embracing getting more physically mature and with so much self publicised personal success in her career despite all the challenges that have been thrown at her, has never had the opportunity in her wise and mature ways to find a way to change such repetitive social situations. But maybe the world of women is indeed out to get her, we can’t know since we are not in her shoes. I had never heard of Ms Brick and though I am older than her, I don’t feel intimidated by her “good looks”. Self-confidence vs arrogance vs blindness vs deep-seated insecurity – it is all a fine line.

    Susie, your BeautyBlog is wonderful. You are sharing what you find as you move forward in your own life, not only in beauty products but also in your personal thoughts. You are a Beautiful Woman both inside and outside. And George is simply gorgeous! x

  2. I read the article yesterday and had to re-read it because I was so astounded by her arrogance, insecurities, delusions……but as a Psychologist I would say that I guess 😉 All I can say is maybe she is never asked to be a bridesmaid because nobody likes her; perhaps it’s as simple as that! Assuming that all women are jealous of her is an insult to all of us with some grey matter between our ears. As you can tell I’m getting riled, so best go before I say something I shouldn’t 😉

  3. Ms Brick’s response the following day is much a repetition of the same, quite hilarious. I forgot to add “delusion” in my above response. x

  4. I didn’t see This Morning today but I think Ruth’s attitude to Samantha Brick (as reported online etc) in that women don’t dislike you because of your looks but because of your arrogance. It’s starting to feel like a bit of a farce to me and I wonder if Ms Brick has written this to raise her profile. What’s the betting she ends up on Celeb Big Bro or I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here at some point soon.

  5. As you said in your post it was the way she spoke about the subject that has caused so much drama rather than the subject itself. I believe very beautiful women are at a disadvantage in certain situations but the way you handle that beauty has more impact on your relationships with others. Saying that she is too beautiful to be a bridesmaid.. well.. if she thinks it’s totally acceptable to voice that opinion that speaks VOLUMES!

  6. Well said, Samantha Brick is delusional! What terrifies me most is that she thinks that little of other women. That we base our friend choices upon looks and who makes us feel better. It’s disgusting.

    On another note, thanks to your pic with George I now love your blog even more!

  7. Freedom of speech is hugely important, and most probably (and so very luckily) most of us have been protected from a political reality of being shut up by Authorities. Ms Brick has a right to express her personal views of how “others” are always against her. The Internet is a wealth of information at our hands. A search on “atrocities towards women” shows a very different reality to what Ms Brick was so personally sadly subjected to. I will not further follow this blog, Ms Brick is of no interest to me.

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