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It has amazed me how many friends of mine, have messaged me this week telling me that they have been using this product for years!Where have I been? The feeling is addictive. It’s so perfectly grainy.

I hate a feeble exfoliator. My friend Lucy has also recommended that I try the body scrub version of this – both of us aren’t fans of body scrubs that aren’t really scrubs at all – more just a gel with a few granules floating around.

I left this in the bathroom last week, and asked my friends,who I was staying with from the theatre, to try it too. The results were unanimous. Great scrub, great value.

St Ives

I used it every second morning whilst in the shower. I had a cold, and my skin felt a little more sensitive than usual, especially around the bottom of the nose, so I avoided that area. Exfoliating over angry skin, broken skin, or even painful spots, isn’t something I would personally do, and therefore wouldn’t recommend.

I ran through the range of Apricot Facial Scrubs, in last week’s blog, and suggested which scrub would work most effectively, for which skin type.

There are four to choose from; Invigorating, Gentle, Firm and Renew, and Blemish Control. I chose to use the ‘Invigorating’ version for the week, and I promise you, once you get into that shower and start to scrub, it’s hard to stop. It also smells divine – very fresh.

My skin looks good, and clear, after the week of using the scrub. I do exfoliate anyway. I consider exfoliation to be a very important step in my skincare regime, I always have. By removing dead skin cells, that sit on the surface of the skin, products can be absorbed more readily, and skin looks brighter.

The Invigorating Apricot Scrub is currently on offer in Superdrug for £1.97, for the length of time this is going to last you, it is an essential buy. They appear to have no stock left online, but this often happens with Superdrug. They will have it in-store. The Blemish Control Apricot Scrub is also currently £1.97, and the Gentle version – that is suitable for daily use – is currently £2.47. The RRP is £5.10, so if you do want to give one of these scrubs a try, then this is a very good time to do it!

The St Ives Invigorating Apricot Body Scrub is currently also on offer in Superdrug for £2.55. I haven’t tried it as yet, but I have been using the face scrub, across my chest and shoulders.

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11 Comments on The 7 Day St Ives Apricot Scrub Results £1.97 at Superdrug

  1. Thank you! Been looking for a good scrub for some time now. I’ve only come across gels that have only a tiny amount of granules. It’s annoying! Any idea if I can get this in Germany?

  2. Susie,.. 1) you’ve been my first fave brit actress since footballers wives (and all since then)…so I take your blog with high respect!2) I have a lot of high to low end products and have free-lanced for Chanel, I’ve been spoiled. However,.. this lovely treat in a tube for under 5$, was a beauty blast all could afford,enjoy and share our results!! Simply the funnest one yet!! Cheers!! Look forward to your next product!! X

    • Thanks so much, I’m glad you tried it on the same week. I really looked forward to getting in the shower with it in the mornings, I loved the feeling when it was on the skin, as I said I love a real scrub! X

  3. Hey Susie, I’m replying from your last post on the scrub. I tried out the blemish control scrub and after a week’s use I can see that my skin is brighter and a lot softer which makes my moisturizer glide on. I have had basically no new spots in the last week, which is great! so I will continue to use the scrub. X

  4. everyone is saying thanks for a sample. i av liked it on fb, get reg blogsetc but no sign of any sample! dont i fit the freebie type?

    • I don’t know about free samples Julia. I bought a spare myself from Superdrug to send to a blog reader, who commented on the first St Ives post that I did. And I sent it to a lady called Helen, as posted in the comments. Maybe if you saw something about free samples of it contact St Ives directly- it’s a very nice product

  5. I didn’t really like this scrub as I think I need something more grainy as I suffer from oily skin which is prone to breakouts. My beautician introduced me to Repechage Honey & Almond face scrub which I absolutely adore! It can be used as a mask also and really gives a deep exfoliation. It is a bit pricey as its £20 but well worth the money!!! Your face looks amazing after using :-)))

    • I’m so surprised that you didn’t find the St Ives scrub grainy enough! It is just grain- the grainiest scrub I have ever used ! I’m glad you have found something that is working for you x

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