I wrote my first blog about Argan Oil, last September. I had discovered it in the May on my trip to Morocco and I couldn’t wait to write about it – it was one of the first blogs that I did.

I also named it as my ‘Top Natural Product of 2011’

Argan Oil, which has been used by the Berbers in the Atlas Mountains for centuries. Protects and heals skin from the harsh elements of wind, and burning sun, and can also be cooked with – although they sell a different form to the cosmetic one, for cooking – it also contains twice as much Vitamin E as Olive Oil.


Suggested Uses for Argan Oil


  • Anti Aging face serum/moisturiser (restores the skin’s hydro -lipid layer)
  • Treats adolescent acne and treating eczema
  • Helps to prevent stretch marks (suitable for pregnancy)
  • Put a drop or two on to relieve chapped lips
  • Massaging into the joints to treat rheumatism in adults
  • Massage for babies and small children
  • Helps to diminish scars and marks – including chicken pox scars
  • Dry Hand Treatment
  • Cuticles and Nail Moisturiser
  • Hair Oil/Serum – for before or after blow drying


It is relatively hard to find, from a reputable source, in its pure form. You have to be careful even in Morocco – there were places in the market that were selling it at a very low price, and the gentleman in the place that the Argan Oil is made, was explaining that subsitutes can be sold to unsuspecting tourists!

It seems to be in every product at the moment, but in diluted quantities, even in Primark as I mention in the video blog. Brands will be mixing it with other great ingredients to create their product, but don’t mistake, for example, the Moroccan Oil hair range for pure Argan Oil.

The Pure Argan Oil company, who I found on the internet after returning from Morocco, are currently offering 10% off to readers of blusherandblogging at the following link. So a 100ml bottle that is usually £19.95 is now £17.95.

I love the Pure Argan Oil company – Argan Oil is basically the only product that they sell! They do ship worldwide, as I mentioned it is far more expensive to buy in the USA. Josie Maran’s 100% Argan Oil in Sephora for 120ml is $96.00 plus tax.

The link below takes you directly to Pure Argan Oil’s offer on their website – if you then wander away from that page on there – you will have to come back and re-click the link to take you back to the discount page.


100ml Pure Argan Oil Bottle for £17.95 (10% discount)http://www.purearganoil.co.uk/10%discount

My orignial blog on Argan Oil from September 2011 – blusherandblogging.com/arganoil

SPECIAL OFFER – 10% OFF a 100ml Bottle of Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Their shipping price to anywhere in the world is £3.00 – I just emailed the company and asked them. Incredible value for people from the USA in particular, who would be paying 3 times as much to buy this in America. Josie Maran’s 100% pure Argan Oil in Sephora is $96.00 plus tax – so over $100.00.



Susie Amy


15 Comments on 100% Pure Argan Oil – 10% off

  1. hey susie iv used argan oil a few times on my face and hands but it is the one used for cooking as my dad bought this and he and I drink a spoon of it a day, I was just wondering do you think the cooking one is fine to use on skin and hair or should I get the cosmetic one?

    • Hi Sharon – this is ONLY a cosmetic one. The cooking one is roasted in a different way for a nutty flavour. This is the pure cosmetic oil- Argan Oil so this is the one!

  2. TYSM for the links Susie. I’ve been trying to source a reputable company (from Spain). It’s clearly in fashion now, but as you mention not all of them are 100% pure. It might have been easier for me to just pop over to Morocco which is literally down the road 😉

  3. hi….It is relatively nearly impossible to find, from a reliable resource, in its genuine form. The great attention of supplement E and tocopherols in argan oil help quit toxic harm to the epidermis,Not only does argan oil have awesome advantages for the epidermis, locks and claws, it also provides several healthy advantages from intake.

  4. I just loved your article about argan. I totally agree with you when you say we have to be careful even in Morocco as most of the oil we find is actually mixed with other non-argan oils.

    I have the chance just like you had, to find a small argan oil cooperative, about 50km out of Taroudant city in south Morocco. Thank you for sharing, very nice blog you have. Greetings from London

  5. It is a very good remedy for dry skin. It does freshen and soften the skill more readily than any other skin softness creams or oils do.Argan oil is good for reducing skin irritation. It quickly heals the marks caused by scratching on skin.

  6. I’ve tried a few different Argan oils with mixed results. I tried the one that you mentioned with the 10 percent off but was a little worried as the bottle comes with a screw top and it doesn’t have a tamper proof seal, it’s like it was home made, there was no mention of certification with the bottle even though they claim it on the website and I know this is important to guarantee purity – there was no smell to the oil. It seemed a bit over priced for the way it was presented with the home made labels and such.

    I also tried Holland and Barrett’s but found that it to came without being certified by any of the main certification bodies when I received the package, despite it being so expensive for so little.

    I have come across another brand recently http://www.arganoil.uk.com that seem good and I’ve placed an order today so I can report back with the results but I don’t feel very optimistic based on my experiences so far trying to find a reputable brand in the UK for this wonderful Moroccan product!

    • The company I recommend are such nice people if you have any questions you should contact them. The one I bought in Morocco from where the Argan is made – literally there – homemade in the mountains -wasn’t sealed either. It is technically homemade x

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