I have known Preeya for twelve years, she’s my first friend that I made from an acting job, well the first one that I still have anyway! Then, as well as now, she had great style and individual ideas. I really wanted her beauty tips, I’ve been asking her for ages. They are here now, and I really like them.

She’s incredibly elegant, and every time I see her she gets more gorgeous. Her huge mane of hair is all her own – which is quite incredible. The photo of us above – was taken on a gorgeous day in LA last January. We met on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, and as I was posting this picture today, I noticed the Dermalogica salon caught in the background – very telling as to where I had just been! For anyone in LA or visiting LA, it is the most fabulous place to have a skin treatment.


Preeya’s Top 5 Products

1) Nars Body Illuminator – Laguna

This body illuminator is limited edition. Makes the skin glow, and it doesn’t mess up your clothes. Contains gorgeous smelling hydrating oils.

2) MAC Strobe Cream

Preeya says it acts as a highlighter, and has a feel of conditioning on the skin.

I think it is a great product to mix in with a base, and to also use across the chest, arms and legs. It really brightens and lifts dull skin.

Preeya kalidas

3) Hollywood Beauty Cocoa Butter

I was given this originally and love it  it moisturises intensely and the scent is gorgeous.

Preeya kalidas

4) Rimmel Lipstick in ‘Kiss Me’

This is a vibrant colour for the lips that means you don’t need to wear much on the eyes. The lipstick alone is one of my favourites, if I don’t want to wear much makeup, but I do want to brighten up my face with a strong colour.

5) Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Hair Mist

It refreshes and nurtures the hair without drying it out.

I went to the Chanel counter to look into this hair mist after Preeya suggested it – it comes in Coco Mademoiselle, Chance and No5. I think it is a great way to wear perfume – too many people spray fragrance day after day onto their chests, and it is very drying indeed, and not good in the sun.

Coco Mademoiselle


Links –

NARS Laguna Body Illuminator £33.00 for 150ml –

(for a version that isn’t limited edition, there is the regular NARS illuminator – four shades 30ml £21.50 Can be used across the chest, mixed in with body moisturisers, or as primarily intended on the face – they introduced three new shades after their original Orgasm Illuminator, proved to be very popular)

MAC Strobe Cream  £12.00 for 30ml –

Hollywood Beauty Cocoa Butter  £3.68 for 213g tub –

(including UK shipping  the total for the cocoa butter on this link is £6.68. Also try ebay if you can’t be bothered to register, and also for people outside of the UK. I just checked shipping costs to Ireland as an example for me, and I am not impressed – £15.00. I would post to people from the UK before I’d suggest they pay that! It is very easy to get for our friends in the USA, have a look at this link to it on also available in CVS in America. I for one am addicted to American pharmacies.)

Rimmel Lipstick in Kiss Me  £6.29 –

Chanel Hair Mist  Coco Mademoiselle  £35.00 for 35ml –

Dermalogica on Montana –



Click here to listen to my dedication to Miss P – The Eagles ‘Busy Being Fabulous’


10 Comments on Actress and singer Preeya Kalidas Top 5 Beauty Products

    • Exactly… Look on UK’s eBay and if you do want to buy ask one if the sellers on there if they do a reasonable shipping rate. If not any Spanish Cocoa Butter will do!!

  1. What a talented and beautiful lady! I love reading things like this where the celeb’s use the same products as us all, I love that lipstick!

    Ps – that song will be in my head all day now!

  2. Hi Susie
    I’ve found that Cocoa Butter here, apparently shipping starts at £2 and the product itself is £2.69 (although you can get a 1oz pot for 99p if you wanna try it out first).
    Lucy x

    • Shipping to my house in the UK from there was £10. Preeya suggested Paks but I always do a trial run before I suggest a site. Maybe I have it wrong. I will check again.

      • Hi Lucy, I just added the 298g tub into my basket, and shipping to my address in the UK is £10.00, which is their cheapest option, so the total to receive it is £12.42. It is a wholesale website so may be worth it for big orders but not for one item. Thanks for looking into other options. I always try to cover everything, but obviously miss things sometimes.

  3. Ouch just as well you checked, I just took it at face value and always wondered why their products were super cheap. I hope you didn’t think I was being rude by suggesting a different place to the one you featured in your post 🙂

    • Of course not!! Sometimes I miss something, and I always look into everything to suggest the cheapest place to buy (I’ve had to set accounts up with ever company to check on these things! Ha! x

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