This was the first cream blusher that I ever bought! I remember standing in Liberty, in London, with Camellia on one cheek, and Peony on the other, debating which shade to get. The lady told me to look straight in the mirror and see which cheek popped out, Peony was my shade! I still use that method when picking blushers.

I gave my sister one as a Christmas present, she told me last week that every single time she wears it, someone tells her how nice her skin looks, and asks her what she is wearing on her cheeks.

Stila stopped being sold in the UK a couple of years ago. And as I found out recently, while shopping in the USA, not only is the brand being sold here again, but it is cheaper here than it is than across the Atlantic. Take this item in their range as an example. It retails in the UK for £16.00, in the USA it is with tax in California $27.19 which converts to £17.20 and that is before the charges to credit cards.

Nine gorgeous cheek and lip shades are available in the Convertible Colour, they are in my opinion primarily a blusher, but a blusher that can be used on the lips. The product comes in a mirror compact, I apply straight to my cheeks with my fingers – smiling as I always say – to make the apples of the cheeks pop out – that prevents the flat blusher look. I must look wholly insane when applying on the tube.

The colours aren’t scarily intense, they are extremely blendable and wearable. I would highly recommended a convertible colour for pale skins – a much more natural and flattering way to give skin colour than trying to bronze it. The shade Poppy would be fabulous on black or asian skins, in my opinion.

I still wear the shade Peony, and also Gerbera.

Stila Convertible Colour Petunia

Stila Convertible Colour Lillium

Stila Convertible Colour Fuschia


Stila Convertible Colour Peony

Stila Convertible Colour Poppy

Stila Colour Convertible Gerbera

Convertible Colour Stila Gladiola

Stila Convertible Colour Rose


For worldwide buyers head to feelunique – free shipping to all – total price £16.00 delivered

I really hope you love this product as much as I do!!

11 Comments on Product of the Week – Stila Convertible Colour Cheek and Lips

  1. I’ve been waiting for you to mention this!! My favourite beauty product ever! And after 2 months of use it still looks almost untouched! Everyone should have one! x

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! Love the convertible colour in petunia- perfect for my pale look winter skin x

  3. I am so desperate to try one of these but I have no one locally that stocks them & I haven’t got the first idea which colour to pick just from the pictures? I have dark hair & green eyes-are you able to suggest a safe option for me please?

    • Are you similar colouring to me or is your skin darker? If you are similar to me- dark hair, green eyes and relatively pale complexion most of the time, I would highly recommend Peony. Let me know if you are different colouring x

  4. I just wanted to say thank you so much for recommending the peony-it arrived from Stila this morning and is the perfect shade! Thanks x

  5. I’ve been researching where’s the cheapest place to buy and send to Australia but I’m utterly confused as the size of the product seems to vary hugely.
    The UK site offers a 32gram product for 16pound, the American website offers a 4.25gram product for $25 dollars, am I missing something?

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