In 2008 my friend Vicky and I did our second USA road trip. We started in Seattle. Of course, with a day free there, I headed straight for Sephora.

There was a lady standing next to the Phyto products – who asked us if she could take a photograph of our scalps to see if there was any congestion. I’m a little bit fascinated with things like this.

The result was, that both of us could indeed do with clearing our hair follicles, for new growth to come through. More than one hair is meant to grow through each follicle, and when there is build up on the scalp, healthy hairs can’t always grow as they should, sometimes they are stopped from growing at all.

I had always used salon bought shampoo, and Vicky at this time, wasn’t doing the same. The build up on her scalp was more extreme than mine. We are constantly hearing that cheap shampoos leave a film on the hair and scalp, which for the first while of using, makes the hair feel fabulous – smooth – as it is being coated. But after a while, the coating builds up and hair becomes lank, and feels as if it needs constant washing, which in turn means more and more product going on to the hair.

We both bought a bottle of Phyto Phytopolleine Scalp Stimulant, we used it religiously. She called me one day – perhaps two months after returning home – saying her hairdresser had pointed out she had notable regrowth, and had asked her if there was any reason for this. A couple of weeks later I was in Nevilles, and Stephen Low, my hairdresser said I had lots of new hair coming through. We were both delighted.

I have a new bottle of the oil at home, that I have been so lazy with using. And I thought of it last week, whilst in a reflexology appointment with Paolo Lai. He was talking about the Shu Uemura hair range and said I should try their brush that stimulates the scalp. I have to confess I am not a big brusher of my hair at all. I often literally wash and go. I never carry a hairbrush, I just detangle my hair with my fingers. The only time I use a hairbrush is if I am blow drying, and even then, I don’t really brush it. Paolo told me this is not good. For the same reasons, that the lady in Seattle, had given us. The scalp needs clearing and exfoliating, brushing stimulates blood flow, and helps healthy hair grow.

This can be done with a brush with soft bristles and a padded cushion – it doesn’t specifically have to be the Shu Uemura brush – although I have to say will never let go of this brush now I have tried it.

In the Shu Uemura ceremony, that I am yet to try – available in salons – including Nevilles. The hair and scalp is brushed through from every direction – forward, backward, and from side to side. I have been doing this myself once a day, and it is amazing how ‘alive’ my head feels. It’s the same feeling you get after a vigorous body brush.

I am convinced my hair will be thicker and stronger if I continue. The 100 strokes before bed – is something I’m bringing back!

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Paddle Brush £39.00 – (free delivery)

Phyto Phytopolleine Scalp Stimulant £24.50

Link to Paolo Lai’s facebook page – he’s a fountain of knowledge

On another note – a note that is pretty much completely irrelevant in terms of beauty – here is our road trip video – in which we met Lisa from Phyto. This has been little watched in comparison to our Route 66 version, and although Pacific Coast Highway isn’t as famous as Route 66, I hate to think of this one – and some of my finest editing work – being overlooked!

11 Comments on Shu Uemura Art of Hair Paddle Brush and Phyto Scalp Stimulant

  1. I am definately going to get the scalp stimulant when I’ve got the spare money! But £39 for a hair brush is a little steep for me so I’ll stick to my normal ones lol. Thought I’d mention I’ve just seen the stimulant on for £17.45 and free delivery too 😉 x

  2. Sometimes you need a reminder of how great things are! I have just ordered some more, yet been meaning to for about 2 years!! And my goodness did it work.

    PS…have used salon shampoo for the last two years and don’t think for a minute it’s coincidence that my hair has grown so much healthier and thicker!

  3. So interesting.. I’m so guilty of never brushing my hair. I’m always thinking it gets greasier quicker when I brush than when I don’t. Between that and changing my pillowcases everytime I wash my hair, I’m was too over the top. Even brushing your hair to stimulate hair growth makes so much sense, another fantastic blog Susie.

  4. Im the worst with brushing my hair. I should try to do the 100x before bed thing like you are. And I always forget about Phyto products, the whole range is amazing. Definitely going to look into this one. Thank you!


  5. I was thinking of buying the Phyto Phytopolleine Scalp Stimulant but just wondering how much you need to use and how many times in the week as its quite a small bottle of it?

  6. Over the past year my mum has suffered a huge amount of hair loss – we are not sure of the trigger. To be honest I don’t think there has been many new follicles which she has found very upsetting along with the shedding. She’s been to the doctor’s who gave a steroid solution that appeared to make it worse. She has also been to see a trichologist who said there were follicles there under the mircroscope, she also advised eating broccoli (?!)

    I must say that when I read this I thought I’d so some research into the solution and it has really positive reviews, so I have bought this for her. I also made her ditch her brand of choice from a organic brand. She’s also now brushing religiously.

    I will keep you all up to date with the new growth. Finger are firmly crossed!

  7. Great post Susie. My hair has been thinning over the past couple of years and I thought brushing would make it worse not encourage new growth!

    How do you actually use the scalp stimulant? And do you use it before or after washing hair etc?

    • You rub a few drops into your scalp and leave it for 15 mins or even overnight – and then shampoo out. I highly highly recommend it. It is excellent for stimulating the scalp, keeping it healthy and getting new strong hair through. Let me know how you get on if you try it x

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