I had a message from my friend Sarah Standing earlier, telling me that she bought the incredibly hard to find, Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Universel, in Harvey Nichols this afternoon.

This has been out of stock for 6 months at least. It happens yearly. I spoke to a lady in Ireland who works for Chanel cosmetics, and she told me that it isn’t a matter of them trying to keep it as a hard to get, wanted product, but there is a genuine production problem (which I wish they would remedy) in the factory in which it is made.

Here is the link to my initial blog about the much loved product, that currently is on a one per customer limit, on the Garden Pharmacy website. The Boots website is showing as sold out. I think it will sell very quickly as always!  LINK

If you don’t want to buy online – which may not be a wise idea if you haven’t seen or tried the product before – then I suggest department store’s Chanel counters, and definitely at airport duty free, which is the only place that I managed to find one last year! And I had looked everywhere! Really hope everyone who wants one gets one, it really is a fabulous product. Have a read of the blog I have linked above, for a different way to use it to the traditional dry brush on dry bronzer, I find it more effective.

Currently possible to buy online at –



For USA buyers –


7 Comments on Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Universel – Back in Stock

  1. Just ordered some! Can’t wait! I also finally got around to ordering my clarisonic Mia too! Loving your blog, definitely one of my favourites.xxx

    • Thanks so much Georgie! That means loads. So pleased you got one! And the Clarisonic – well…my friend and I are obsessed with ours. Don’t panic if skin for first two weeks isn’t amazing – it may well be – but stick with it, it is worth it xx

  2. Hi Susie

    I love your blog just recently found it. You look amazing in the picture. Thank you for the ideas for use of the Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Universel as you mentioned you couldn’t get your hands on this earlier in the year in Dublin I got a friend to get it for me in LA I love it but tried it this morning all over my face with some tinted moisturiser over it it is gorgeous thanks again Tara

  3. Hey Susie,
    Started using this today and absolutely love it! I mixed it with my aromatherapy associates moisturiser and it came out perfect! Just ordered another one in case it sold out quickly. Love your blog, my sister and Susie Coxon introduced me to it, now I couldn’t be without it! All the best.
    Lots of love
    Chelsea x

  4. Hey susie was thinking of gettng this for summer as it seems quite light because I dont like wearing heavy foundations in the summer, I’ve really pale skin and I was just wondering would this come out too dark If I wore it? and is it a natural bronze colour because I’ve read that some people find it orangey?

    • I am actually relatively pale too – and that is why I have suggested the application method that I have- by diluting it down with a base cream. That way it is in your complete control to get the right consistency!

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