I asked Liz for her tips this week, while she was doing my make up for Channel 5’s Wright Stuff, partly because I wanted to blog about them, and partly because I love how she does make up, and wanted to know anything I’ve missed for my own benefit!

She doesn’t just do The Wright Stuff, she does everything and everyone. She’s also very funny – we put my hair in a high bun one day with fabulous pink lipstick. I asked her if I should put in gold hoop earrings, and she said “Let’s not take it from Vogue to Closer.”

I get texts and tweets asking what lipstick I am wearing, pretty much every time I do The Wright Stuff. I too, am making a mad note of what lipstick has been put on me, because I also want it! This is how I discovered, and bought within hours of the discovery, MAC’s Costa Chic. Incidentally, the whole make up team there is amazing.

Of course, being a make up artist, it’s extremely hard to chose five top products, and she did these off the top of her head. She actually gave me six!

Liz’s Top Products –

1) Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Moisture Cream SPF 15 £2.99 

This product isn’t on their website for some reason, they may be out of stock on there, but an hour ago I bought it from Superdrug so go to the actual store rather than looking online. Liz says you can even apply this over your make up in the day if you are feeling a bit grey. I have just done this and I am very impressed indeed. It’s got the all important SPF. And it is illuminating and suitable for use as a highlighter. Liz also said that she uses this on her body sometimes. 50ml on my body would run out pretty quickly, but across the chest and arms would look great.

2) Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30 £29.00 

Great base for enlarged pores. Also illuminating. And with a good SPF.

3) MAC Patina Eyeshadow £12.00

This eyeshadow is an all over one colour fix. Requires no blending. Can be used all over the lid and into the socket. It’s an easy quick option, in a very usable colour. It’s a taupe brown colour with golden pearl.

4) MAC Brush 217

Amazing blending brush that leaves no hard lines. Blending eyeshadow is so important.

5) Clinique Instant Lift for Brows £14.00

There is a pencil at one end, and a highlighter at the other. Use the highlighter underneath the brow for the ‘lift’. Can be used on the cheeks as a highlighter, dot it on and blend with fingers. Also try highlighting the cupids bow above the lip, it gives the impression of a fuller lip. It comes in three shades; Soft Blonde, Soft Brown and Deep Brown.

6) Clinique Quickliner for Eyes £14.00

Fabulous for soft definition all around the eyes. A great shade that they have is 03 Roast Coffee. Available in 12 shades.

Liz says never to even start putting make up anywhere on your face, until your skin is perfect – and if not perfect – as good as it can be. She says if you are running out of time, panicking, and only have five minutes, don’t just draw a line under your eyes. Instead do a little work on your skin. And only move to spend time on eyes and cheeks, when you are satisfied that your skin looks good.

This means Scarlett Johansson’s theory, that a layer of red lipstick is the ‘cure all for anything’, is out of the window!

Links to the products above are below, excluding the Superdrug Moisturiser, that has currently vanished from their website, but is definitely still in stores.

Shu Uemura  –


Mac –



Clinique –



Liz’s Twitter is @lizbmakeup

Liz Beckett, Make Up Artist

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  1. I have to say I have seen Liz at work and she is incredible, am about to google all those products, thank you liz!!! xx

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