Tesco do really fabulous colours, in their ‘All About Nails’ range.

I bought the shade ‘Raspberry’ this week – for 99p. I painted my toenails with it today, two coats of it, and my conclusion is, if it had come in an unlabelled bottle – I definitely wouldn’t have placed it at less than £1.

It’s not very thick in consistency, one coat wouldn’t have been enough. Having said that – my toenails never see the light of day – and I would always use two coats of nail polish – and a base coat, and top coat.

I have about 30 open nail polishes currently in my house – primarily OPI, Chanel and Essie. Recently I have been buying cheaper polishes. Nail polishes don’t last particularly well once opened, they become gloopy. So if I’m going to have lots of colour options, why not make some of them cheap. For 99p, it’s also a good opportunity to try a colour you wouldn’t usually wear.

I have terrible finger nails, in terms of keeping polish on. I think preparing the nail, and using the correct base coat, and top coat, is probably more important than the colour you put inbetween.


Well I love these – I think you can’t go wrong at this price.

One thing that annoys me so much about Tesco, is their website. I remember thinking exactly the same thing, when I was writing a blog about the fabulous ‘Vivo’ blusher, that Tesco stocks. They hardly list any beauty products on their website. I would love to go on there and see every colour they stock, this is their own range! And yet there isn’t one mention of it, or Vivo, which is an exclusive range to Tesco.

Anyway, these products are in there, and they are bargains. Such a bargain, that when I’m there tomorrow, I will buy one for one of you!

Comment if you want one, and any specific colours you love or hate. I understand – that lovely mink colour that became big in 2010 – made me look very ill/dead.



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  1. I have used some cheap naill polishes in pretty bright colours however even wirth a base coat they stained my nails. This has put me off using any cheaper nail polish. I would be interested to know if the tesco nail polish stains your nails?

    For your nail polishes that have gone gloopy you can add nail polish thinner this makes the consistency less gloopy and useable.

    • Me too! I don’t think these will. The nail polish added trick sometimes works well but with a pale pink Essie one I had that I did it with last week it became a very strange mixture indeed! I will let you know on staining but I’d be surprised the colour doesn’t seem potent enough. Rimmel 60 seconds doesn’t either.x

      • I read somewhere that you should never add nail polish remover to nail polish to thin effects the nail polish but I have been doing that for years!

        I have to confess im a nails inc addict(with over 100 full size nail polishes), but I love rimmel too. The nail polish I used that stained my nails was Collection 2000 in a bright orange and Miss Sporty in a bright turquoise/green shade. It could depend on the shade of the nail polish rather than the brand but I dont think Ill be trying any more colours in those ranges. I would use the tescos one if it didnt discolour my nails though.

  2. What a bargain, and at the price I think its worth buying some different colours just to use on my toes as i cant see it lasting more than a couple of hours on my fingernails!
    I always tend to go for darker/bright colours rather than pale/nude shades as they just never seem to look right on my toes!

    I usually get my shopping delivered from tesco but Ive never noticed any of their make up range to buy on there!

  3. This is a beauty subject I’m beyond passionate about, I actually love my nails more than I love some family members ha! I’m lucky I have really good long natural nails so I go to alot of trouble to keep them that way. Totally agree with you about base coat, the best base coat I have found is Rimmel’s 14 Day Nail Rescue, I use it every time I paint my nails it’s fantastic, I just with Tesco did a beauty section like in the UK, I’m still trying to find that blusher. When I get to the UK the Tesco will be raided. In terms of colours red is not my fav (for rugby reasons I can’t wear it) and glitter nail polish is amazing but I once went though a complete bottle of nail polish remover to get it off (and 4 months later it’s still on my toenails). I did warn you I was passionate ha! X

  4. Hi,
    You surely can’t go wrong with 99p!!
    I love most colours. Blues/turquoise may be my faces but I’m also loving the corals at the mo!

  5. Reading your blog has inspired me to paint my nails today – a lovely bright pink. Usually I don’t bother painting my toe nails until spring is here, however, I have given my feet a treat and painted my nails so if we were to get some nice weather I wouldn’t mind showing them off. I tend to wear light colours on my toes as feel it elongates my legs as I find when I wear dark colours they seem to end the leg abruptly – however, it is probably psychological and makes no difference at all. Haven’t tried the top coat trick yet – but I will be! x

  6. I am just about to take off my nail varnish and apply another one so this post was very well timed. I love nail varnishes and have most colours for different outfits/ moods. I get a lot of no 7 ones with the £5 vouchers you get at boots. I also like the crackle effect and new magnetised varnishes whenever I do them at home people ask where I’ve had my nails done. But like Laura I had a glitter nail varnish from accessorise that looks amazing on but you literally have to chip it off!

  7. I’m a little obsessed with nails and painting them and love a bargin!! I have some opi’s but for the money I don’t think they are any better than rimmel which is half the price! I always find rimmel lasts ages on my toes and for several days on my fingers…perfect for me!!
    I’m trying to find the perfect turquoise and coral colour…if all else fails I always go for pink!!

  8. I’m obsessed by nail colour too. I note you love your Essie polishes too – my faves are Berry Hard and Merino Cool. Also love the Chanel Black Pearl, but very pricey! Will check out the Tesco Polishes the colour looks great. I’ve always kept my polishes in a big box but was given a great Christmas present and wondered whether you’d heard of it. It’s called the nail polish roll by Roo. Each roll holds 14 polishes and you just roll up and secure with velcro. They come in some great funky patterns and I believe were the brainchild of a well known manicurist called Marian Newman. They really are amazing and worth a look. Let me know what you think. xx

  9. I’m a little obsessed with nail polish/nail pens at the moment, I find changing the colour cheers me up 🙂
    I love nail varnishes and have most colours for different outfits/ moods. And I’m loving the crackle effect varnishes and nail pens.
    As it’s winter and pretty dreary outside, my nails tend to be pretty bright. Neon green with black polka dots on my fingers and Tiffany blue on my toes.

    I tend to try and brand at least once, but I’ve found with some cheap brands, the colour stains your nail afterwards :/ And I’m pretty bad at remembering to do a base coat first.

    2 colours I’ve been trying to find the perfect one of – turquoise and a medium purple (they are either pale/pastel purple, too dark or neon. They never look the way they do on a bottle) So if you know of any that are good in that colour, let me know 🙂

    PS. My aunt’s just brought the “China Glaze 2012 ‘Electropop’ Spring Collection!” for her shop and she says there isn’t a single colour she doesn’t like on. Maybe check it out?

  10. Totally off-topic, Susie, but just to say I saw Murder on the Nile in Bath this week and really enjoyed it: you were really good, looked stunning and (apologies if this constitutes a spoiler to anyone who hasn’t seen it) your, shall we say, ‘reduced contribution’ to the second half came as a bitter blow!
    Are you a regular member of the Agatha Christie Theatre Company or just a guest?

  11. Strangely enough I just today bought 2 of the All About Nails colours – like you say, for 99p you can’t go wrong. Managed to get a ‘bronze’ (very similar to an OPI colour I was looking at) and a lovely dusky pink – I’ve been looking for that colour everywhere. Impressed so far. The other thing that is a bonus with these is the colour comes out pretty much exactly as it looks in the bottle – not something you always get! They had loads of bright colours, a dark metallic brown (might have to go get that one) and the two I got, but no other autumnal colours – looking for greens, yellows, oranges but all muted. Any suggestions?

    • Hi , do u know if u can still buy these nail varnishes . I have looked in my Tesco and they haven’t got them . xx

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