Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask

It was drawn to my attention yesterday, by a kind tweeter, of a fabulous sale offer at House of Fraser on Bliss product sets.

The set that I bought, last night online for £30.00, in their sale, consists of  full sizes of-

Triple oxygen + c energizing cream 50ml (full price as an individual £46.00)

Triple oxygen instant energizing mask 100ml (full price as an individual item it would be £39.90)

One pair of triple oxygen instant energizing eye masks (four packets are £35.80)

I previously wrote about the oxygen mask, as a product of the week ‘Bliss Triple Oxygen Energising Mask’. I haven’t as yet tried the face cream, that I am eagerly awaiting, but I will keep you posted!

The deals on all of their sets currently, are the best you will find anywhere – including on Bliss’ own website. I would imagine they will sell quickly so if you are interested, have a browse on there sooner rather than later.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Set –

Bliss Sets –


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