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I’m a big fan of hair extensions for volume, rather than for length – technically a hair addition I suppose, not an extension at all. It’s a less obvious way to enhance the hair.

I very nearly had a hair piece woven in recently, for the purpose of volume. When I went for the appointment to speak to the hairdresser about it, it dawned on me that it was a rather fruitless exercise! To weave a piece of hair in, a section of your own hair has to be plaited across to attach it to. So therefore, taking away hair, to add hair. If the additional hair is being added purely for volume, I don’t think it is a very wise thing to do!

I decided to get a well made clip in piece made instead. I have various clip in pieces already but nothing, aside from the ponytail that I have mentioned in a previous blog, was made particularly well, or made with good quality hair. A good quality version of what I already have, means I will keep it, and use it and use it. It can be coloured, it can be cut, it can be washed as normal hair is washed, and best of all it can be taken in and out, and added at times that the hair needs an extra boost but you have run out of time and inclination.

I picked it up this week, and have been wearing it constantly, it makes a huge difference, which doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. It is double layered, so really quite a thick piece of hair. I had specifically asked just for one piece – which makes it so easy – for me anyway.

I part my hair across the back, and either just clip it straight in, or backcomb the area of the hair that the clips go into ever so slightly beforehand. It can be good to backcomb and smooth over the layer of hair, just above the clip in piece too, so the extra weight isn’t apparent.

It is always incredible to find out how many people, that we look at in the press, or in photoshoots, admiring their hair, have a little help, and in some cases a lot of help.

I had my hair piece made by Paolo at Nevilles Salon in London. If buying a piece of hair on the internet with the clips already attached, a local hairdresser could cut it to the appropriate length – and even colour it – assuming it is real and not synthetic hair.


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