How fabulous is online shopping at Christmas?

Every website seems to be offering free delivery – is even offer free shipping worldwide – in fact they always do.

I am a little bit obsessed with their Christmas store on that website – fabulous ideas. If anyone bought me anything from their accessorise section, even the Ole Henriksen Complexion Sponge for £2.55 I would be delighted!

I would be truly shocked if you could find products cheaper in stores. The internet is the way forward, in every area. I have always loved Christmas shopping – it is the one thing I am truly organised with – consistently, year after year. It will surprise few people who know me, that the beauty websites are a major priority to me all year round, and especially at Christmas when I want to shower my favourite finds on my nearest and dearest.

Unfortunately this year, without a hint of exaggeration, I had 29 people to buy for, on my Christmas list. The shopping at that stage becomes less personal and more panicked. This has also been the year of weddings and 30th birthdays.

I am currently working six day weeks, the 29 gifts were bought well in advance and many online, especially the ones for the many children in my life.

It becomes difficult when friends begin to have children, not one friend with one child, but multiple friends with multiple children – where do you draw the line? Godchildren, and nieces and nephews are essentials. But what about your godchild’s siblings? And other dear friends, and extended family with children too? Of course you want to buy for everyone, but is it possible?

Back to beauty. Space NK is offering free delivery and gift wrap. Now the ingenious thing about this is, if you aren’t going to have time to deliver all the gifts around before Christmas, then send them directly gift wrapped from somewhere like Space NK. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive Touche Veloutee by Terry, an Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle, a Diptyque Scented Oval, or indeed a Clarisonic Mia,  gift wrapped and delivered to their door? I just bought a Clarisonic for my girlfriend’s wedding present, I cannot express her joy. Her poor husband, what an inappropriate wedding gift!! is unbeatable on electrical items – everything all year round appears to be so much cheaper than on the high street. It’s not only the economy that is affecting the high street shops, it’s undoubtedly the internet too.

4 Comments on Christmas Shopping – the lazy, easy, cheaper way…

  1. Oh! My God!!! I bought them for my boyfriend and mother Christmas stockings. I love Diptyque especially the ovals, amazing present!!!!!!!

  2. Internet shopping is saving me this year. For one reason or another, I’m fully booked, and the other night, with just a few clicks, all gifts were sorted.

    Merry Christmas! xxx

  3. Online shopping has SAVED me this year, I’ve done all my Christmas shopping, haven’t had to endure the dreaded xmas crowds and am feeling calm and on top of my to do list – invaluable!

    Really happy to have found your blog, it’s lovely!

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