I bought Babyliss Big Hair after a lady who reads the blog asked me to try it out for her! I wouldn’t usually buy something for this reason, or I could run into financial difficulties, but I too, was curious about the big barrelled hot air brush.

This is what Babyliss say about their product –

‘Big Hair gives you hair that’s shiny, sexy and totally fabulous. It’s the bigger, the better when it comes to fashionable hair, and Big Hair will give you that beautiful on-trend look.’

Now I do absolutely love using it. It’s designed for use on nearly dry hair. I haven’t come remotely close, to achieving the results shown in the pictures on their website, but with some practise and by using it on small sections of hair rather than large chunks, it does give me a different finish to a home done blow dry.

Volume at the root can be a tricky thing to achieve at home- for me anyway. This seems to help with that. I have gone frantically at my hair in a hurry, not sectioning it, and more than likely not letting it dry enough beforehand, and the results are not pretty. It’s important to properly section up the hair, and to do it in small section, by small section, for the best results.

I tend to wash my hair, get totally ready while it is part drying, and then last of all use the Babyliss Big Hair Brush. If my hair is still far too wet, a blast all over from the hairdryer is sometimes necessary.

There are two buttons that make the brush rotate in opposite directions. When holding it in the right hand, then the left hand, at an angle, then upside down, it can be a little difficult to remember which button spins the brush which way, and which way you want the brush to be spinning in the first place, most importantly. I have made that sound very complicated indeed, but it does take a little bit of practise and perseverance initially. Their video guide online makes it look oh so easy!!

It is great for giving the hair a natural looking flick out at the bottom, and also for creating body – and a look somewhere between tonged and straight – which a lot of people see no ‘at home’ alternative to.

The photo of me above was a photo taken in November, I was very new to using the brush, but I’m using because it’s a genuine reflection of how my hair looked, maybe 3 hours on. Not desperately different to if I had blow-dried it perhaps? I think, I still have to practise some more, but I am happy I bought it. It’s a lot more fun than a hairdryer….

The brush retails at £45.00, there are some offers on currently for Christmas, is by far the cheapest currently (updated June 2012) it is priced with free delivery at £30.50

Babyliss Video –

Please do let me know, if anyone has this brush or has tried this brush, which products seem to be effective for use along side it. Love to hear your feedback, as always.

Susie X

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  1. I got this for Christmas last year. Now, I have very straight and quite fine hair. All I want in life is volumous hair! So the title alone was enough for me.
    So having been using it for a year I can say that I love it and it has become a tool I couldn’t ‘live without’ now. You’re right about the fact that the smaller the section of hair the more volume and bounce that will be created. You’re also right about needing your hair to be just dry enough without being 100% (I keep a little water spray bottle to spritz lightly if I dry my hair too thoroughly).
    BUT I don’t really find that it makes my hair particularly big or volumous really. I still love it and it definitely finishes my hair much better than I can do myself with just a brush and a hairdryer but I think the result is much more like a nice smooth blowdry rather than giving really ‘big’ hair. I do love it though.

      • Aw thanks – and really enjoying the blog! Although between you and Lisa Eldridge’s blog I need to be careful what products I become enamoured with – my bank manager will start calling!
        One question for you, have you ever used Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector? I just splashed out on the one in Pearl and it’s really really beautiful – I’ve been raving!

  2. My aunt has this brush and her hair looks marvellous – she does say how long it can take though, but if it is worth doing well, you need to take the time. I may well be asking Father Christmas for this as my hair could do with a lift!

  3. I use this every time I style my hair. I love it! I have a graduated bob and it is perfect for getting a turned under style and it also exentuates the layers. I would suggest that if you are using the Big Hair styler to achieve that big haired look, then use mousse as this really helps to create the body. The buttons that rotate the barrel do take some getting used to but on the whole I think, certainly for achieving a full bodied bob, that this is a brilliant tool for the job.

  4. Hi Susie,
    I absolutely love this appliance! I got it for Christmas last year too and have used it so many times throughout the year. I totally agree with the above comments with regard to the need for hair to be almost dry, using small sections etc. I also use a root lift spray when doing the initial bit of blow drying 🙂 My hair is so fine and trying to get volume into it is the bane of my life!! I also use velcro rollers a lot – if I have time, I go about daily business in them for hours before heading out. Sometimes I put in the velcro rollers after using the Big Hair because it gives more lift and hold, and that nice smoothness that I love from salon blow dries! If I am under extreme pressure for time, I use heated rollers but find them harsh on my fine fragile locks! Love your blog 🙂

  5. How funny Sus, Lucy and I were just discussing this yesterday. Now hopping over to Amazon to order… are such a bad influence on my meagre bank account! xx

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