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I have been using Aqueous Cream as my skin cleanser this week, after feeling my skin becoming a little irritated, and sensitive – very possibly from the cold.

This cream is a must have for every home. It is incredibly cheap, and I use it for not only an all over body wash, and for shaving my legs, but it is a very kind gentle face cleanser if your skin is feeling slightly delicate.

They used to recommend it as a moisturiser for pretty much any skin condition – eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Recent research has indicated that it isn’t particularly suitable as a moisturiser for eczema because it contains a detergent called sodium lauryl sulphate. It is however still recommended as a cleanser even for people with eczema, and other skin conditions.

Lather a small amount in hands to use as a face cleanser. Rub onto wet skin to use for shaving and it is suitable and gentle enough for all over body cleansing. The ingredients are minimal – always the thing to look at if you have skin that is easily irritated. Can also be used as a body moisturiser. And it’s always been a perfect face moisturiser for me if necessary.

A 100g tube of Aqueous Cream from Lloyds Chemist is £1.39, a 500g tub is £2.19. I bought a tube in Dublin this week for €2.99 in Boots. For people who find products overpriced, and not a financial priority, please try this as a cleanser before buying face wipes….


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    • Depending on what we are talking of using it for I don’t find it drying at all (as a cleanser/body wash). Silcocks Base has a few more ingredients in it so may not be as kind on really sensitive skin. Do you use it as a moisturiser?

  1. I have also been using Aqueous cream since I was 12!!! When I was travelling it was the only thing I took with me..and always have a huge pot at home. A nice touch is to mix with some essential oils…a few drops in a bit pot…smells good and u get all the benefits of the essential oils too…

  2. I recently worked with an actress who swore by this cream, and also used almond oil after cleansing with aqueous cream. Her skin looks amazing. Simple and effective products giving great results.
    Loving the blog. x x

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