Miss Sporty’s ‘Mini Me Concealer’, is not the most elegantly named concealer for a grown woman I have to admit, but it is a fabulous product and an undisputable bargain.

It would never have been on my radar – possibly for my entire life – if it hadn’t been for Liz Beckett, the make up designer at The Wright Stuff, who did my make up a few weeks ago.

Piling concealer on an area of discolouration or a blemish is both unnecessary and unflattering. I am very aware, when I am lazily applying concealer with my fingers from a daily used tub, that it’s not particularly hygienic, and I always end up covering a larger area around the blemish than I need to.

A clean make up brush is obviously a better way to apply concealer. But does anyone who isn’t a make up artist – using brushes on lots of faces – really wash their brushes daily? I know mine are thrown in a make up bag and carried around with me.

Miss Sporty’s concealer is what I would describe as a precision concealer – twist and apply directly from the pen, just to the small areas that need it – the diameter is about 2.5mm. It makes for a very natural look.

I think most people suit a natural look – even if they don’t believe they do. Now that is not to say that most people suit no make up whatsoever. A tinted moisturiser, or well selected foundation, a bit of concealer to even out the skin, tinted eyelashes or some individual semi permanent lashes, and for me always an eyebrow pencil and a natural cream or stain blusher. I know that sounds like a lot of make up but applied in the right way with the right products, it can look like no make up, but so much better.

I will stress that a couple of my friends wear no make up at all and they look fabulous. My Mum was never a make up wearer. Even skin, in my opinion, is the key. And someone with a darker skin tone can generally get away with quite a lot more.

Make up can be so subtle, small enhancements and cover ups. I find this concealer ideal for the corners of the nose, under the eyes, and in the inner corner of the eyes, blemishes, and any tiny marks that potentially no one else would ever notice!

They sell Miss Sporty in Boots and Superdrug, so it is very easy to get hold of. The link to the product at the Boots website is below, although if possible, it’s a better idea to go into the shop and pick one because the postage is nearly as expensive as the concealer.

The online Boots website is currently only offering one shade – ‘Light’ – which is the shade I use, but I know they have other colours in the shops. With concealer always go a little lighter – whatever you are covering is darker presumably than the rest of your skin – so the slightly lighter shade balances it out.

It is priced in both shops at £2.59.

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  1. That is a great product of the week, thanks for the tip! It is really obvious that you are blogging about things you love because there is such a good mix of high end and high street products, I love it!…PS I saw you quickly on The Wright Stuff and your makeup looked fab – loved the bright pink lipstick, any idea what that was? x x x

    • The lipstick – this is a sore subject. It was definitely MAC but the lipsticks had all been melted into a pallet that the make up artist used and they couldn’t remember the name. However if you go to MAC – I know for certain it was MAC – just find the best bright pink one for you. I must do the same… X And thanks for the lovely comments on the blog

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