I bought Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturising Balm in LA this week. I think it is the perfect alternative for people who have good enough skin not to want to wear a foundation daily, and yet could do with a little bit of coverage to even out skin tone.

The perfect combination, for me anyway, would be to use this day to day, alongside a concealer for any areas that could do with extra coverage – such as around the nose. I also think it is ideal for older skins, which heavy foundations do not flatter. Also, for young skins that probably don’t as yet need foundation, although it should be kept in mind the moisture levels are high.

It is made for dryer skins. It’s basically their ‘Extra Mositurising Balm’ – which is described as their most luxurious cream – with a tint. The SPF 25 addition also means, instead of me using a moisturiser, a sunscreen, and a foundation, I can just use this product alone. My skin today, hours on from application, feels totally hydrated and smooth.

They offer 8 different shades from Alabaster to Dark Tint. I was torn between Light/Medium and Medium Tint. I went for the lighter option, and thought I could always add a sheer bronzing gel for extra colour.

The price for 30ml is £34.00 in the UK, and $52.00 plus tax in America – which actually works out as being slightly cheaper in the UK – another unfortunate buy from me in the states!!!

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  1. Thanks, Amy! Have been reading your blogs and was about to suggest one on a good tinted moisturiser as I dont wear foundation, too heavy on my skin. Anyway, this one you tried sounds great. Must get my sis to pick one up for me in London. I’ll check out the prices here in Dublin too. Happy days 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Susie

    Loving the blog, learning loads & its great to get independent views about make-up & beauty brands both from you & your readers! Well done!

    Can I ask please would you advise using a foundation brush to apply this product?
    I use Bare Minerals as my foundation, which I absolutely love and so does my skin but am thinking of trying this for days when I dont wear make up but need to balance out skin tone.
    Thrilled to hear it can be used for flights… I went bare skinned going to /coming home from New Zealand and felt a little self conscious especially when most people looked so glam, including yourself who I literally bumped into at the Mac counter in Auckland. (Apologies for not saying hello)

    A cheeky request but any chance you would do a piece on moisturisers and eyecream?


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