I was shown the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray by a brilliant make up artist, Wendy, that I crossed paths with at the bootcamp in Ibiza.

Oribe don’t call it a dry shampoo, they call it ‘an alternative to dry shampoo’. It basically livens up hair that perhaps could do with a re-do. So in effect it does the same as a dry shampoo, but I think in a better way.

The hair isn’t left with a white residue, the spray is clear, and although you can feel it in your hair, it doesn’t feel nearly as sticky as dry shampoo. It absorbs oil at the root, and adds texture. It is paraben free and has UV protection – which is great for stopping colour from fading.

One thing I’m always battling with – with my hair – is volume at the root. I wash my hair every 2-3 days and if I have left it until day 3 it could definitely do with some assistance. I bought it as soon as I came back from Ibiza.

It retails for £38.00 for a bottle of 300ml, which sounds very steep when Batiste’s adored dry shampoo is £2.99 for 150ml. However there is a long list of good ingredients and benefits to the hair at the link below.

I was just about to write that the size of the can is inconvenient because often a dry shampoo, or a good spray, is of greatest benefit in a handbag – when I saw they are finally selling the 75ml option in the UK for £18.00.

I discovered, when I bought it in June, that I could only find it in the UK, in Space NK. Even the beauty websites didn’t carry the brand. Things may be moving forward now – but I can’t find it anywhere else!

It is cheaper in America….and conveniently I am typing from LA!

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray –

4 Comments on Product of the Week – Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

  1. Have to say although paraben free prooducts draw me in and I would absolutely buy even if more expensive always……I think the price difference is too much. Would love to know how long it lasts in comparrison though….think I would prefer to wash more often in my paraben free shampoo and conditioner than spend so much? Just thinking out loud x

    • It is expensive when in effect it works as a dry shampoo. But it’s a fabulous product. For me the volume aspect is more of concern, so it’s more suitable X

  2. Thank you so much for recommending this. its absolutely fantastic. i spray it on my hair when its limpy and voila i look like i have salon hair. amazing stuff!! My sister asked me which salon i went to!
    i cant thank you enough..!!

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