One of the main reasons I love this Bliss mask so much, is that it’s easy.

It does a fabulous job of re-energising the skin, on those days that everything looks tired. I find I often feel like this, when I’ve had too much rest, rather than too little – very strange!! That is how I feel today, which it why this product popped into my head.

After I wash my face in the shower, and it’s still damp, I pump the pale peach gel into my hands and apply it immediately to my face and chest – it’s always nice to include the decolletage in a mask, and there is no easier way to do this than in the shower. Four pumps is all it takes for me to fully cover my face and chest, so I find the bottle lasts for a good amount of time.

It becomes a fabulous oxygenating foam that you can feel bubbling on your skin. It tickles insanely if it finds its way up a nostril, which seems to happen to me every time.

5 minutes is all that it takes, the bubbles begin to disperse and it’s time to rinse. Literally just rinse, I love that in contrast to other masks, you don’t have to work in any way to get it off the skin.

It is also fabulous for clearing blemishes, which I get particularly on my chin. The bacteria that causes acne is apparently not a fan of oxygen. It also contains a good dose of vitamin C which helps to brighten the skin and repair the effects of environmental damage.

Apparently by the age of thirty the level of oxygen naturally circulating in your skin has dropped by 25%, and by 50% at the age of 40, contributing to the ageing process. This doesn’t mean its not worth using this mask in your twenties, the more oxygen the better I would say!

A 100ml bottle of the mask is £39.90 and is available at the bliss website – the link is below. They offer free shipping on UK orders.

In the states the product retails at $52.00 – slightly cheaper, but not so cheap it’s worth getting on a flight for!

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  1. I swear buy this mask. It just revitalises the skin. Really great review, I have had this since last year and the bottle still isn’t empty!

    BTW just discovered your blog. It has been added to my blogroll! Loving it. Also you were my fav on 71 degrees North. #Justsaying X

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