I would love feedback on this post. I am constantly and avidly searching for the perfect mascara.

I have used endless mascaras over the years, and am constantly asking make up artists and friends and pretty much anyone I run into (slight exaggeration) their preference. I have never understood the Maybelline fuss, the amount of people who have told me their favourite mascara is Maybelline astounds me – I am yet to try one that has impressed me – am I wrong on this?

I like the Loreal mascaras – as far as the lower priced mascaras go, I have always been impressed with Loreal – in particular their ‘Voluminous Mascara’ (£8.49).

My go to mascara is Mac’s ‘Zoom Lash’ in Black. For £13.50, in terms of quality, and performance, it is by far and away my current favourite. It doesn’t dry out quickly, which I felt happened rather rapidly with the fabulous YSL ‘Faux Cils’ Mascara (£22.50).

I liked ‘Diorshow’ – the Dior Mascara very much (£22.00), it may have dried out a little quicker than it should have, but appearance wise, it’s as fabulous as YSL ‘Faux Cils’.

It helps not to pump mascaras, the air gets inside the container and contributes to them becoming dry quickly.

I took Clarins ‘Wonder Volume Mascara’ to Norway with me (£19.00), and I was hugely impressed with how it survived the ice, at some points it was completely frozen, and still worked perfectly when I got back to normality. Just on a side note, it was a stupid thing to do to take mascara on that expedition, there were very few chances to use it!

As a teenager I used Lancome, their mascaras, were by far the best thing I could find at the time. I haven’t bought one in a very long time. I think I might try them again. The one that I used to love, I believe they discontinued, but they have probably replaced it with something similar.

I don’t enjoy mascaras that you have to work and work with in order for them to make any form of impact on the lashes. I don’t particularly enjoy the fancy new brushes that are spiked, or mis-shapen, in fact I don’t like them in the slightest. Personally I find the traditional brushes far more effective – maybe the others would take some getting used to – but I always see them as more of a marketing ploy than an innovative idea.

Please tell me your favourites, I would love to try them.

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  1. I am the same with mascaras, forever trying different ones. I am currently using a maybelline mascara with fibre pigments in which I am very impressed with. I also love Diorshow, think its fab. I totally agree about the YSL one, My mum will only wear that but it drys up so quickly and I have very sensitive eyes so that isn’t very good for me. I have also recently been recommended Avon mascaras, which I tried and have been so impressed, they are definately worth a try.


  2. I try new ones, in the vain hope that something will lengthen my short eyelashes, and always end up going back to max factor 2000 calorie… It’s years old and their best seller I believe. Never fails me!

  3. I definitely agree with you re the maybelline mascara! I have never liked it, there never seems to be enough on the wand and think it gives a very natural finish (I like thick long lashes.. I guess it depends on what look you are after..?) I love the MAC zoom fast but the one I am currently using is the MAC Haute & Naughty Lash mascara.. it is very ‘wet’ and last all day. It has 2 ways to use it so if your not after a dramatic look, you have the option of having a more natural lash. I think it’s about £16.50.. xx

  4. 100% Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara is far and away the best mascara there is. It is reasonably priced, makes your lashes look big and doesnt clump. It also doesnt come off during the day or smudge.
    Seriously go and buy this mascara, I have tried loads of others in my time as I dont have very long lashes but I would never buy another.

    • Totally agree! I absolutely love Max Factor False Lash Effect. I’ve tried loads of expensive mascara’s i.e. YSL, MAC and used to be a bit of a make up snob, but I find cheaper is sometimes is better. I have really fine lashes and this gives them so much volume. You definitely can’t go wrong for £12 (plus, at Boots and Superdrug they do great deals where you can buy one get one free) 🙂

  5. I mostly use ‘bad gal’ by Benefit, I’ve heard there’s a new one out by them but haven’t tried it yet. I also like inimitable intense by Chanel, though the last one I had seemed to dry out quite quickly. When I was in America I used a good mascara by Urban Decay, not sure of the name though !

  6. My favourite “going out” mascara has always been loreal telescopic mascara-it makes your lashes so long!
    My current daytime favourite is clinique high definition lashes. I have always been a fan of clinique mascara but this one is just wow! It does have one of the funny brushes but it works. My lashes look so long and it goes on easy without clumps. It comes off easily at night but has survived me bawling in the cinema without going all over my face! Love it!

  7. Hi Susie, I have been following your blog branding and I have tried lots of mascaras my
    favourite by far is macs studio fix lash I love it!!!

  8. I’ve tried loads of different mascaras from high end to the cheapy one, bobbi brown have a nice one, estee lauder do a turbo mascara, that vibrates when u open it, great mascara but find it only really last a month, and very pricey but at the one that I’m loving at the moment is rimmell glam’eyes day to night.. It’s great, and about 9-10euro, which is good!

  9. I have tried what seems like hundreds of mascaras in my time, and I always revert to the old faithful…Lancome Definicils…I haven’t come across anything that beats it for me!


  10. I also have tried countless mascaras in my quest to find the perfect one; I’m always reading magazine/newpaper articles recommending the best ones on the market! I tried a couple of Chanel ones, and was less than impressed,tbh. I’ve also tried Maybelline, but it just wasn’t for me. My go to is Diorshow. Their Blackout one is great for giving you really dramatic dark lashes, and the waterproof one is so waterproof that I wore it in the sea and none came off! The Extase one is good, too, but doesn’t come in waterproof.

  11. Hi Amy, Absolutely agree with your Maybelline comment. I too have tried most of their range and always found that even with several coats, my lashes never look full.
    Over the years I’ve flitted between YSL and Dior, but found them quite pricey for what your getting.
    About 6 months ago while in Tesco I decided to try their Barbara Daley range of cosmetics, and I have never looked back.
    Their High Impact Mascara in Black is fantastic-it cost around £5.50 and I can honestly say for me it compares with the very high end products on the market.
    I would really recommend everyone giving it a go
    Nicky x

  12. It is my yet unsatisfied life’s mission to find a good mascara. I agree completely about Maybelline – I have never got on with them. I don’t like the oversized tube which is no doubt meant to give the impression that it makes your lashes huge – just clogs mine. Having said that I am currently using their vibrating one and that is about a 7/10.
    In the past I have loved ones by Chanel and by Kanebo – but as soon as I found them they were discontinued. I still haunt both of their stands to see whthet they can come up with anything good again. For cheap ones and particularly when I am swimming I like Max Factor: 2000 calorie, Masterpiece and Aqua Lash all do the basics.

    • Thanks for the great blog and providing an opportunity to hear what others find as the best mascara – I must admit eyelash tinting is my solution a lot of the time 🙂

  13. The only time my husband has ever commented on how nice my eyelashes have looked was when I used cargo triple action lash activator mascara. Incidentally, I have been using rapid lash serum daily for a number of months but tbh I have noticed no material change in the length or thickness of my lashes, despite numerous positive reviews online.

  14. I have tried lots of mascaras and will use cheaper brands for a couple of purchases, but then always seem to go back to Lancome, I switch between their Hypnose and the Definicils. I am totally with you on the “funny” brushes, I can’t get to grips with them at all. I would like to try the new Model Co Fibre Lash one for evenings/a more dramatic look..but haven’t read any reviews of it yet. x x

  15. Hi there, i agree with most of your mascara reviews..except for Diorshow! hated that one.
    i am a huge mascara junkie and i cant live without Prescriptives Lash envy…
    i have been using Latisse, and now Revitalash, and i have found that all mascaras are HG mascaras with my new lashes! so end the search for the best mascara by growing your own lashes!

  16. Hi Susie!

    Loving the blog, came across it today as we were both #FFd together by Daniel Sandler!

    My favourite for both work and on myself is pretty much anything by Lancome. The Hypnose is my top favourite, and i love that all their waterproof versions deliver exactly the same results as their counterparts!

    Having said that, I’m currently testing Clinique’s lash primer and High Impact with good results, the only downside is that in today’s heat its giving me a bit of the old Panda Eye…

    Sam x

    • The panda eye is a shame! However I am so jealous of the heat (just landed in NZ) I think I need to Lancome it again- I used it for years and years. I think they discontinued Intencils, and I thought I’d have a change x

  17. I have tried one mascara after the next but my search has finally ended. Gosh do a mascara with a moisturising brush on one end and its fab i love it, it thickens,lenghthens and separates perfectly and never clumps it cant be beaten. Very reasonable to u have to try it x

  18. I adore Smashbox Hyperlash, it opens up my eyes, really makes them pop with defined length that lasts. It has a spiked brush, but I think that’s what separates the lashes and helps with definition. A worthwhile buy.

  19. Lashes are my guilty pleasure tried them all and like u like the traditional old style big bristle brush -bad gal by benefit brill as is my new discovery ‘boots’ 17 Falsifeye – excellent! And for those who want to condition thicken their own lashes a miracle product it Talika Lipocils expert -great wee product get it on
    Love the blog Amy!

  20. Im a bit late commenting on this topic but I have tried lots of mascaras and the one I have found works for me is Bobbi Brown’s Lengthening Mascara,it doesn’t clump and the brush is like a round comb which is really nice to use. My mum has used so so many but swears by Kirkland mascara (which is Costco’s own) as she thinks it’s a lot better than some of the higher end brands!! X

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