Creme de Corps is arguably the most famous product in the Kiehl’s range, and for good reason. It’s also, I would say, one of my very favourite cosmetic items.

This isn’t a groundbreaking product suggestion! It’s hailed frequently in articles and polls year after year, as their number one body moisturiser.

To be honest, I have never spent as much, or focused as much on body moisurisers, as I have on face and hair products. By the time you’ve covered your whole body – daily – you get through a bottle or tub so quickly. I always buy good basic body moisturisers . And one’s that moisturise well while smelling gorgeous.

Now Kiehl’s Creme de Corps doesn’t really smell of much at all, and yet I am addicted to the stuff. I love the packaging. I love that you can buy it in whatever size suits your needs from 75mls up to 1 litre – as I pictured at Heathrow airport (above). I’ve only ever seen the 1 litre stuff in the USA before… if only I my baggage wasn’t already 10kg over my allowance!

It also comes in a lightweight version, and lightweight version with SPF30. Absolutely love body moisturisers with the built in SPF – we should all be wearing it every day anyway – so built in just makes it easier.

The classic Creme de Corps contains Sesame Oil, Cocoa Butter and Beta-Carotene. ‘10 days’ they say, and you notice the difference. On my body – it’s my legs that need it very much – I’m missing it, having not brought it on my travels.

I sometimes use it, and an instant tan mixed together, for subtle colour and glow.

They currently offer – and this changes often – a Florence & The Machine labelled version. 100% net profits of the sales goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

This product is remarkably cheaper in the states, so if you are planning a trip anytime soon, I would say hold off and pick it up there.

UK Prices for the classic version of Creme de Corps –

75ml – £8.50

125 ml – £16.00

250ml – £27.00

500ml – £44.00

Find the full range with free delivery HERE


4 Comments on Product of the week – Kiehls Creme de Corps

  1. Again one of my favourites!- wonderful product! Nearly as wonderful as your blog! Essential advice offered with humour and interest! Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Loving the blog and cannot wait for the next installment. I know a lot of people who refuse to give their beauty secrets so I absolutely love the fact that you are willing to tell readers what you use so we can dream of having skin like yours 🙂 Enjoy your travels x.

  3. I used it every time I was pregnant. No stretch marks at all!!! It does leave a slight “yellow” tinge on sheets I’ve noticed, but a small price to pay for something so deliciously perfect.

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