Now this is only partially related to beauty, but a lot of people ask me about it, and I’m a little bit into my exercise these days!

In May I went to No 1 Bootcamp in Ibiza. I was invited to go by the bootcamp, and to be honest it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was in a bit of a fitness and diet rut. My fitness on the whole is very good, I’ve really worked at it over the years, but from time to time I get lazy. I eat what I want, I don’t exercise, and quite frankly it doesn’t make me feel good.

I have a big appetite. I remember the men in Norway, when we were doing 71 Degrees North, saying I ate more than any of them, and they were right. I think I was the only person to gain weight there, and that takes some doing in those conditions. It’s a boredom thing I think with food sometimes – plus there, we were under four layers of clothes so it didn’t really matter!

I needed a bit of a kick start, and the bootcamp did that for me, more than I could have anticipated. I took my friend Suzie with me. It was great to have a friend there, we had a fantastic time, but the majority of people go alone – and shouldn’t feel afraid to do so.

6 Hours of training a day and a strict 1100 calorie intake – more calories for men. I didn’t realise what the body was capable of operating on – however I would never suggest that level of activity, and that little energy on a long term basis. It’s for a kick start, and to see results, then to go away and maintain healthy eating and exercise. I lost 6.6 pounds in that week and I felt unthinkably motivated.

I decided to go back in August – to their Norfolk camp this time. I didn’t go back because I had stopped exercising or regained weight, just because I enjoyed it, and really wanted to do it again. I came home 11.6 pounds lighter than I had been in May.

This camp is suitable for everyone – it’s a complete mix of people – different weights, standards and ages. The very best part of it for me is the last day, everyone is so happy. Every person there had achieved something – whether their goal had been fitness or weight loss. I am going to be completely honest, the week is hard. And I would definitely say have a decent level of fitness for the Ibiza camp – there are hills and a terrifying 260 step run- that you repeat and repeat and repeat. Norfolk is flat!

I would also say to people, who going to a Bootcamp for a week wouldn’t be possible for, try and work out with a friend or other people. If you’ve made an arrangement with someone you are far less likely to talk yourself out of it – I am anyway. If I feel unmotivated I text my friend Lewis. He texts back ‘6am lake’ – and I’m there. I would never dream of doing a 4 mile run alone at 6am.

I wrote a diary in Ibiza – it would have been too hard to remember every day, every form of exercise, and every meal, and I really wanted to keep a note of it to look back over. I gave it to one of the Bootcamp owners Karen – here is the link to it on their website….

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  1. I so so want to do one of these boot camps! I hate running though – should I get better at that before attempting one? I’m reasonably fit – do a lot of spinning/road cycling, plus a couple of circuit and step classes a week but never really managed to get into my stride with running. It looks awesome!

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