My friend Lucy was getting married recently, we had a weekend in Morroco to celebrate. The shopping in Marrakesh is fabulous, everything from pottery to beautiful leather bags. But one thing I bought there, that Lucy had already been using for many months prior to this trip in preparation for her wedding, was Argan Oil. Not Argan Oil mixed into products – 100% pure Argan Oil. She raved about it.

I sat with the women at an Argan Oil factory in the Atlas Mountains and helped them grind and press the Argan Kernals for the oil – it’s hard work. It can take 10-12 hours to produce 1 litre of oil – I wasn’t there that long!

The Atlas Mountains are the only place the Argan Trees naturally grow and that is why the oil is so rare. It’s understandable that the oil is not particularly cheap.

Not only can you buy edible Argan Oil – that is prepared slightly differently through a roasting process for flavor – but it has multiple uses as a cosmetic product.

I’ve been mixing a couple of drops in with my moisturiser at night. You could choose to use it as a face serum under a moisturiser, or on its own. Because of it’s natural properties it’s considered to be a highly effective anti ageing product. It’s completely free of additives. Argan Oil naturally contains many of the same “additives” that high-end cosmetics add synthetically to their formulas to achieve anti-aging effects.

It is fantastic for the hair. Can be used as a leave in hair treatment, or to smooth out the hair if applied once it is dried. I personally apply it to my wet hair after I have washed it – as a hair serum. I have noticed a huge – much needed improvement – and moisture boost, after having bleach in my hair for the first time in my life. It also speeds up the drying process, and gives your hair protection at the same time.

Often the products you find claiming to be Argan oil – particularly in market places – even in Morocco, won’t be 100% pure and it’s important to buy from a good source.

To me the best website I have found – that ships worldwide – but is based in the UK, is – they charge £19.95 for 100ml. They also have endless information on it’s extensive benefits and uses. What I love the most about this company is, that it is basically all they sell!

I am updating this post in March 2012. The Pure Argan Oil company is offering 10% off Pure Argan Oil, via the link below, so instead of a 100ml bottle being £19.95 it will be £17.95.

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  1. I recently read about Argan oil, and have decided it’s exactly what my skin needs. I was reading Weight watchers magazine the other night and there is an advert for an Argan oil in it, and says it’s availble in Superdrug and Boots. Well, it’s a lie so far, as I can’t get hold of it. I have found it on Amazon, but there are loads of different options. I am assuming 100% pure is what I should go for? There are all sorts of treatments on there too….I v much value your wise opinion oh beauty pro…

  2. Hi there,

    I came across your post by googling Argan oil. I’m actually a moroccan guy living in New York, and i’m about to start my own company selling 100% pure argan oil in the US, I’m importing all my products from Morocco (Essaouira to be precise). I’m selling 40ml at $12 & 60ml at $15. If you are interested, you can email me at


  3. amazing that you got to be part of that diffcult process! I have been usong the por naturals argan oil hair treatment for a while now and I really like it!

  4. hi. nice article. looking at photo i should think you and lucy maybe should have had a bit more clothes wise. It is a traditional berber womens society after all!
    That said, can I add that I have discovered there are two types of cosmetic argan oil produced that are commonly sold online and in store outside morocoo.
    Both are genuine but one is just passed through a single mechanical filter – this grade has an argan scent – like olive oil but more sour… A second grade is one that has been passed through a more modern filtration process and gives an oil that has not scent.
    So whats the difference? Depends on what you want it for. According to the research I found scented is best for skin issues like acne , eczema but for all other uses – especially hair then the unscented oil is best. You can read up a bit more on the types of argan here ( )

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