In my opinion Elemis’ Frangipani Monoi Body Oil is pretty special. It isn’t a take it or leave it oil, once you try it – and more to the point smell it – you take it.

The smell is heavenly – coconut coprah oil and frangipani flowers. It’s also multi use. I use it on my hands, on my hair overnight, as well as on my body. It’s used in many of the Elemis massages, that’s how I first discovered it.

The slightly strange thing about the product is that it solidifies at cooler temperatures – even in my bedroom which is fairly warm – I usually have to warm the bottle between my hands until the oil starts to move – the more professional way to do it would be to put the bottle in a bowl of warm water. One of my friends nearly threw her full bottle away because she assumed something was wrong with it- I should have offered to throw it away for her 😉

The 100ml bottle which costs £34.00 lasts me ages, you don’t need very much of it each time you use it.

I’ve just landed in Thailand, and I was thinking about a product of the week on the plane. For the first week, this was the obvious choice.

Find it HERE

4 Comments on Product of the week – The Heavenly Oil

  1. I am not keen on “coconut smell” unless I am on a sunny beach (rare) but I do like Oil body lotions and personally tend to go for the baby oil. Any other nice oil product you can recommend for a lesser young skin?

  2. In that case, I highly recommend Clarins Treatment Oil Tonic.
    I found the most fabulous body oil in a store called ‘Sabon’ in Amsterdam – it’s is also available on the east coast of America. Fabulous scents – lots of lavender and patchouli. It infuriates me I can’t buy it more easily! There are stores in Paris too which could at some point be convenient for you

    • I think I use the Facial Oil, not sure if it is but you have t stand it in hot water to use it? Its heavenly, love it. I got it from our good friend Leah in fact….XXXX

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